Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Pocket-Sized Cyberdeck Programs Pico Projects

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Chris Remboldt)

It’s no secret that we love Raspberry Pi projects here at Tom’s Hardware. That’s why we’re excited to share this portable pocket-sized Pi Zero 2 W cyberdeck from maker Chris Remboldt designed for creating even more fun Pi projects. According to Remboldt, the idea was to make something easy to take with him for Python coding practice that would also allow him to connect and tinker with the Raspberry Pi Pico.

On its own, he can use the handheld cyberdeck to create and run Python scripts. But thanks to its USB hub, Remboldt can connect external peripherals like a Raspberry Pi Pico or any other RP2040 board for prototyping projects while out and about or at least away from a power outlet.

Remboldt is no stranger to challenges but considers himself new to Python and how to integrate it with artificial intelligence (AI). This project was an opportunity to explore the Raspberry Pi and dig into new ways to learn Python without needing a standalone PC. He even has a website detailing his endeavors with coding and AI and the successes found along the way.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this project is that it’s open source. Remboldt was kind enough to share all of the details for anyone interested in assembling their own or something similar. It’s built around a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W housed inside a Flirc Case. A Pimoroni Hyperpixel display is used for video output, a BB Q20 serves as the main keyboard input, and a 20,000 mAH battery keeps things portable.

Everything is stuck together quite literally using durable, double-sided tape. Software-wise, it’s running Raspberry Pi OS, but since this is a Pi, there’s no reason you couldn’t load it up with any other OS of your choosing. That said, Raspberry Pi OS suits the needs of this particular use case as there are several options available for coding with Python.

If you want to recreate this Raspberry Pi project or just get a detailed look at how it goes together, check out the project build guide and be sure to follow Remboldt for more projects as well as any future updates on this one.

Ash Hill
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