Reload Studios Embraces Active VR, Adds Virtuix Omni Support to World War Toons

Virtuix announced that Reload Studios, which former Call of Duty developers founded, has embraced active VR by adding native support for the Virtuix Omni motion platform to World War Toons, its upcoming flagship VR FPS.

Reload Studios is developing the World War Toons first person shooter exclusively for virtual reality. The studio should release the game sometime this year, but the company hasn’t locked down a release date yet. That may be because Reload isn’t done adding features to the game. We’ve been informed that World War Toons now offers native support for the Virtuix Omni motion platform, which means that it just became an active VR game. 

“Playing World War Toons with the Omni is a ton of fun. First-person shooters in VR really come to life with a motion platform like the Omni,” said James Chung, CEO of Reload Studios. “We’re excited to work with Virtuix to support Active VR with natural locomotion for our flagship title.”

Virtuix Omni designed the omnidirectional treadmill to help fully immerse you in first person VR environments. It also does wonders for combating motions sickness, which is a common occurrence for first person games in VR. 

“Gamers dream of playing first-person shooters in VR, but are currently hamstrung by motion sickness challenges and room-scale space constraints, which have forced the adoption of unnatural navigation schemes like teleportation that inherently break immersion and gameplay,” said Jan Goetgeluk, Founder, and CEO of Virtuix. “The Omni solves these challenges and demonstrates that first-person shooters are not only possible in VR, but they are an absolute blast. World War Toons is an incredible VR title that has the courage to avoid comfort modes like teleportation. We are excited to work with the talented Reload team to integrate the Omni in World War Toons.”

It’s exciting to see support for the Omni in a flagship game from a studio such as Reload Studios. We had a chance to try the Omni out in January, and we really liked what we saw. Content is the major limitation for this type of product, and the continued development could be a sign that developer support is going the right direction. Goetgeluk added that Reload Studios is one of seven major studios that are working with Omni developer kits, so we should hear more announcements soon.

Virtuix and Reload Studios are demonstrating World War Toons active VR at the Taobao festival in Shanghai July 21 through July 24.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.