Roccat Says Savu Gaming Mouse is ''New King''

PC gamers opting for a new high-end mouse should look no further than Roccat's self-labeled new King of Gaming mice, the Savu mid-size hybrid mouse. It features a true 4000 DPI optical sensor, Easy-Shift[+] technology for advanced button configuration, and a customizable lighting system offering up to 16.8 million colors. The company also claims that Savu is the world's first mouse to feature a stats and trophy system called the Roccat Achievement Display (or R.A.D.).

"With its advanced Pro Optic sensor, the Savu delivers true 400, 800, 1600 and 4000 DPI – placing it at the pinnacle of optical gaming mice. The latest R3 sensor also delivers lag-free gaming without any  interpolation, and provides ultra-precise feedback during even the fastest movements – all so players can command with the utmost accuracy," Roccat said on Tuesday.

Roccat's Easy-Shift[+] technology allows the user assign two functions for each mouse button and scroll wheel up to twelve commands total. It also takes advantage of Easy-Aim which automatically reduces the DPI when the gamer slips into sniper mode. The two main buttons also feature Omron switches which provide consistent and precise pressure points, and high durability.

As for the color themes, the Savu features a large, customizable rear light bar, which users can set in their choice of 16.8 million colors. Players can also activate a color cycling feature, as well as a "breathing" function, which tells the gaming mouse to pulse in a choice of color.

"The Savu also marks the debut of the Roccat Achievements Display – or R.A.D. – a fun and useful application that tracks and rewards a wide range of gaming feats, such as mouse movement, button clicks, scroll steps, etc," the company said. "The driver-based software compiles user data, provides a range of statistics for analysis, and hands out trophies when exceptional milestones have been reached. It’s an entertaining way for gamers to keep track of their mouse skills – and it even lets players share their accomplishments with others via social network sites, like Facebook."

Technical specs listed on the product page report that it has a maximum speed of 60 inches per second and 20g acceleration. It also has a 1.8m braided USB cable, zero angle snapping, and a polling rate of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz. System requirements include Windows XP/Vista/7, a USB 2.0 port and an internet connection for downloading and installing the drivers.

"King" Savu is available around the globe for a MSRP of 59.99 Euros or 59.99 USD. Additional information regarding the new Roccat mouse can be accessed here.

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  • hellfire24
    still my $5 microsoft mouse is better :P
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  • hotroderx
    I think I keep my Razor Naga mouse with its 12 button keyboard on the side + extras. As long as you get a working one it seems to be as good as it gets as far as mice go or atleast to me.
  • Deemo13
    I think I'll keep my Deathadder. As long as it works, and feels alright, its a good enough mouse for me.
  • iamtheking123
    Stand back has 4000 dpi!

    And now I won't ever consider buying a Roccat product.