The 15 Winners of the "Explain a Samsung SSD" Contest

UPDATE: We have our winners! Listed below are the 15 lucky winners who received a 128GB Samsung SSD 830 series. They were chosen at random out of those who entered from Tom's Hardware. Thanks to everyone who entered. Hopefully there will be more contests open worldwide in the near future!

SyedThe Samsung SSD 830 is a new kind of hard-drive that is several magnitudes faster, allowing significantly faster internet browsing and computer start-up times.
DrakeIt's like a flash drive except it's on an adrenaline rush and it stays on the inside of the computer
MattImagine the pages of a book all see through and you can read them all at the same time super fast and its make sense. That's what an SSD is, a lightning fast thin book of information inside your computer.
JustinWell mom, the difference between a SSD and your hard drive now is that the SSD doesn't make noise, never forgets what you put on it, works faster, all in a small package with a bigger price. No, you cannot marry it. 
JamieYou know how an old record player plays vinyls? That's how a hard drive plays your favourite movie, or opens that document: with a needle and a bit of spin. A Samsung SSD 830 Series drive plays more of your records faster, and without the noisy needle and turntable.
BogdanThe SSD830 Series is great because not only it provides insanely high write speeds, but it also provides super high read speeds, which you will highly appreciate, especially if you are a normal/enthusiast PC user.
LarryThe Samsung SSD (solid state drive) 830 Series hard drive is better than a traditional hard drive because it has no moving parts which means everything on your computer loads faster.  The 830 Series is also faster than many other solid state hard drives on the market.
JeffreyA SSD is like an ink pen, easy to read, and easy to write with. A HDD is like a paint brush, harder to read when wrote with, and takes longer to write with.For the same reasons that we use pens, computers need SSD's. Speed, Efficiency.
AdrianSSD is like your storeroom where you can store everything and also you can find stuff faster and more efficient. 
BenLOL, mother its the next stage of hard drives. Instead of having spinning disks it uses memory. Which makes it fast, giving you more time to cook dinner. Quite simple really. We evolved. Shame you haven't in 20 years. So what's for dinner? Kfc?
KamalSSD's are incredibly fast and power efficient, and are replacing hard drives. The Samsung 830 series is more that thrice as fast as a hard drive, while consuming barely 30% it's power, & no marketing gimmicks here! That means that a computer will start in under half a minute! 
JohnA traditional hard drive needs to be spinning at a certain speed to work. This takes some time from a 'standing start'. An SSD doesn't have this requirements and thus works much faster – even though the difference is a fraction of a second each time, it soon mounts up.
JohanAn SSD is just a large memory card, like the one you use in your digital camera. Since it has no moving parts, it's faster and less sensitive than a hard drive, that, just like an old record player, has to physically move its stylus to read different data.
KhangAn SSD is the same as an HD. It's used by your computer to remember things, like your email or word file. The difference is when you want to open your email - it'll do it much faster. It also doesn't use as much electricity.
K.SSD or Samsung Snap Drive is what you need to get your system going Blazing fast.

Samsung's SSD Explanation Contest

We all know and love solid state drives. If you have 'em, you love 'em; if you don't, you want 'em. Heck, even if you have 'em, you want more. Everyone should get the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an SSD – including your mother.

How would you even explain to your mother (or anyone who is not quite tech-savvy) exactly is what an SSD and why it's so great? (Or even why she should buy you one for Christmas!)

That's exactly what Samsung would like to know and it's making a contest out of it. Samsung is asking you for a simple, comprehensible explanation, in no more than 50 words of what a Samsung SSD 830 series is and what its product benefits are. (Hint: you can find some of those in our review if you need some help.)

The winning entry will be decided by an independent judging panel, which will evaluate on: The best explanation of what an SSD is; with an emphasis on simplicity of language, ease of comprehension, creativity and key product benefits.

The best entry will win a top-of-the-range custom-built PC from Samsung:




Intel i7-2600K 3.4GHz


Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z S1155


(2 x Samsung) 4GB 1600 UDIMM Modules.

Video/Graphics Card

EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti


Samsung SSD 830 Series (512GB)

Optical Drive

Samsung sh-222ab


Thermaltake V9 BlacX

Power Supply

Corsair Enthusiast Series 750-Watt


Samsung B2430H


Samsung pleomax k-300 black


Samsung PLEOMAX; USB; Wireless; Optical Mouse; MOC-315B (MOC315B)


Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

There is also another dimension to winning Samsung's contest, and that's through some friendly competition. Tom's Hardware is competing against other outlets to see whose readers will submit the greatest number of entries. If Tom's Hardware emerges victorious with the biggest pile of entries, 15 Samsung 830 SSD 128 GB will be awarded to Tom's Hardware fans. This is a team effort!

Best of all, this contest is open worldwide to those age 18 and older. Furthermore, this contest will also accept entries in French, Spanish, German, and Italian (yes, the terms and conditions say English-only, but we've confirmed multilingual entries with Samsung). Please be sure to read the full terms and conditions on the entry form for the full details.

Ready? Submit your best SSD explanation here.

Contest closes at 7 a.m. EST December 12, 2011 and winners will be announce on or around December 16, 2011.

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  • The Greater Good
    An SSD has no moving parts and is faster than a magnetic drive. That's all they need to know.
  • The Greater GoodAn SSD has no moving parts and is faster than a magnetic drive. That's all they need to know.

    But how do they know what a magnetic drive is or does?
  • kyee7k
    It has a very fast boot sequence. That's all they need to know.