Samsung's Biggest Ever Galaxy Note to Cost $849

At CES, Samsung showed us the biggest Galaxy Note we'd ever seen. Introduced under the all new 'Galaxy Note Pro' branding, this tablet measures 12.2 inches in size and runs a completely different UI than Samsung's line of Note phablets. Already up for pre-order and launching tomorrow, February 4, in the United Kingdom, Samsung has finally revealed a U.S. release date. More importantly, we now know how much this thing is going to cost.


According to a pre-order page over on Office Depot, the 64 GB Galaxy Note Pro is going to set you back $850. This is actually quite a bit cheaper than what those in the UK are paying, considering Samsung is currently only offering the 32 GB model in the UK and is charging £649 (over $1,000). The device is currently set to ship February 13, though Samsung hasn't made any official announcements regarding release dates, so we don't know when the 32 GB model will be available or if Samsung plans to release the LTE version at the same time.

The Galaxy Note Pro 12.212.2-inch WQXGA for a Samsung Exynos 5 (or a Snapdragon 800 for the LTE model), an 8-megapixel camera, a 2-megapixel lens up front, 3 GB of RAM, up to 64 GB of storage, S Pen support and Samsung's brand new Magazine UX. Magazine UX allows users to display up to four windows at once and features customizable tiles for favorite apps that can be resized and rearranged to your heart's content.

We've reached out to Samsung USA for more details on the U.S. launch. We'll update when we hear from them.

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  • w8gaming
    Surface Pro is $500 now and has 128GB storage.
  • thehritzinator
    For that much, you might as well get a tablet/laptop combo like the Lenovo Yoga
  • JD88
    Anonymous said:
    With a 12 inch screen, 64 GB of storage, and some high end specs, the price is justified. I'd never buy it, but it's fair in relation to other tablets.

    Agreed. This thing is a monster, but I'm not sure what it purpose it has.

    For those commenting about the alternatives, I challenge anyone to find a 12" tablet with a screen like that for anywhere close to that price.

    The Surface Pro WAS on CLEARENCE for $500, but it's bulky, runs hot, and doesn't serve any real purpose. One would be better off just getting a touch notebook. It's back up to $600 now btw and inventory is likely to dry up fast.