Samsung Has Three New Curved Q-Dot HDR Gaming Displays Available For Pre-Order

Samsung released three new High Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming displays featuring quantum-dot technology, fast refresh rates, and high resolutions.  

Samsung’s trio of displays join a growing market of high-resolution quantum-dot monitors designed for gaming. The Samsung C49HG90, C27HG70, and C32HG70 all feature a speedy 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, in addition to an 1800R curvature and a USB 3.0 hub (two ports). They can achieve 95% of the DCI-P3 color standard (or 125% of the sRGB color gamut), and are also among the first (if not the first) gaming monitors to feature Radeon FreeSync 2, AMD’s next-gen variable refresh rate technology.

The new displays' model names offer a hint at their other features. The C49HG90 has a 49” 3840 x 1080 (32:9 aspect ratio) screen, whereas the C27HG70 and C32HG70 feature a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (16:9) and are 27” and 32” in size, respectively. The CHG70 models sport a DisplayPort and two HDMI inputs; the CHG90s feature the same connections, in addition to a mini-DisplayPort interface.

The C49HG90 is available for pre-order from Amazon for $1,500. The C32HG70 is exclusive to Newegg for $700, and the C27HG70 can be pre-ordered from Samsung’s website for $600.

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  • BadBoyGreek
    A 49 inch, 144 Hz gaming display? I need this... now!
  • truerock
    I am planning on upgrading my 1080p desktop PC that I built in 2012 at some point in the near future. I plan on building a 3804x2160p 120Hz desktop PC. I've been trying to decide on screen size. I currently have a 27" monitor - but, that would obviously be too small for 3840x2160p. I have been looking at TVs trying to get a feel of what would work and 40" seems about right - but, I looked at a 50" curved TV and that seemed to also be about right.
    The curved screen seems to make 50" feel like a 40" flat panel. I'm thinking of going with a 50" curved monitor.
  • voodoochicken
    I'm not sold, but at least they don't have gaudy "gaming stylings"