Samsung Working on VR Headset for Phones (Rumor)

VR is one of the next big things in tech. Facebook has purchased Oculus VR, Sony has announced plans for its own VR solution, Project Morpheus, there's also the likes of vrAse and Sulon, and it looks like Samsung doesn't want to miss the boat. The company is apparently planning its own VR solution. But for what, you ask? For it's mobile devices, of course.

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According to the latest scuttlebutt, Samsung is currently working on its own VR solution for announcement later this year. This device would be for use with the flagship Galaxy devices. According to Engadget, who first reported the news, this headset is meant for use with next generation Galaxy devices, but early versions are being used with Note 3 and the Galaxy S5. The details are scant. Other than the fact that it will have an OLED screen that's as good as the Oculus Rift dev kit (version two), there's not much else in the way of available information. Samsung wants to undercut the competition in terms of price, which is great (even if this whole idea sounds a bit strange to us). Oculus has already said it is committed to offering Rift for as little as possible, so a bit of competition in terms of price can only be good for consumers.

The principal use of this headset from Samsung is supposed to be Android gaming, which is what we're having trouble with. Samsung expects people to be gaming on their phones or tablets, and we don't know if it'll be easy to convince gamers on the go to stick on a VR headset. You could make the argument that Android gaming doesn't have to be on the go, sure, and for those who like to sit at home with their phone and tablet, this is great news. However, if you're trying to give people a VR gaming option for the road, then we're not convinced people really want that. Though it would be pretty funny. Would you wear a VR headset to spice up your commute? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • clonazepam
    Yeah I'd look like Parent of the Year pickin my daughter up from school sporting some VR /facepalm
  • qlum
    Samsung is very good at making stuff that is really great on a hardware level but its software is often truly facepalm worthy, I expect a vr device only for mobile to fall in the same category.