"Bumps" help to create scratch-less CD-R

Westlake Village (CA) - CDs and DVDs already are tough to scratch under everyday circumstances, but just in case your your music and data CDs get damaged once in a while there is a new option that may keep your discs from getting scratched. Highlands Ranch, Col.-based Scratch-Less Disc integrates bumps and ridges onto surface of a CD to craete a "scratch-resistant" CD.

The idea of the "scratch-less disc" is not highly scientific, but shows a very practical approach. The manufacturer placed 20 bumps around the outer edge of the disc and a ridge on the inside of the disc to lift the data portion of the disc above most surfaces. Additionally, a hard plastic coating is applied to the data portion of the CD. Bumps and ridge are small enough not to impact the recordability and playability of the disc, but offer a significant additional protection from scratching. TG Daily was able to play with a Scratch-Less discs. Moving the disc with light and moderate pressure around a desk for an extended period of time in fact does not result in any visible damage to the surface of the data portion of the CD. Only exerting heavy pressure on top of the data portion on the disc will result in scratches.

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Bumps along the edge of the disc

The Scratch-Less discs are only available as CD-Rs and they retail for around $1 each.