Securifi's Almond 3, An All-Encompassing Smart Home Solution

Securifi, a router vendor known for its successful Kickstarter campaign, has announced the availability of the Almond 3, an update to the previously released Almond 2015. The newly released Almond 3, like its Almond + and Almond 2015 counterparts, acts as both a router and a Smart Home hub.

Securifi Almond 3

The Securifi Almond 3 is an excellent router on its own; it is an AC1200 (867 Mbps on 5 GHz and 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz), offering a range of up to 5000 square feet. The Almond 3 is equipped with two 2x2 antennas for coverage and one USB 2.0 port for file sharing or USB dongles for Z-Wave/Bluetooth configurations. Also, this wouldn’t be an Almond product if it didn’t have a touch screen. Securifi also retains its distinction of being the first vendor to put a touch screen on a router by slapping on a 2.8 inch touch display.

The Almond 3 is a more than just a router. It is a centralized hub capable of managing a wide variety of devices thanks to its built-in Zigbee radio and support for Z-Wave and Bluetooth. Since the ZigBee and Z-Wave ecosystems are incredibly community driven, the Almond 3’s functionality is nearly limitless; a list of compatible sensors is available on Securifi’s website. Aside from the touch screen, the Almond 3 may configure sensor rules with a smartphone or tablet using the Almond mobile app.

Here a couple of examples of how a unified Smart Home hub can be configured. Securifi, at the very least, recommends a home security system, so the Almond 3 features a programmable siren. Further steps to expand your home security system might be installing ZigBee sensors that detect whether doors or windows are open, or turning on a camera when someone approaches home entrances. Since the Almond 3 is a router, users may even configure their security system to shut off as soon as the router detects the user’s. This can be done without even taking one’s phone out of their pocket, of course. Beyond security, someone may manage thermostats, smoke alarms, lights, etc. from the router.

The Securifi is currently accepting preorders for the Almond 3, which will retail for $119.

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  • Finalfx
    They never finished the Almond+. It has Wifi issues, only works with select devices, half the back end features don't work and worst of all when people ask when the next update is coming out they don't respond. If your interested check out the Securifi Almond+ forum and please don't buy their products.