BitMicro Says 6.5 TB SSDs On The Way

Los Angeles (CA) - While most people would be happy just to own a solid state drive, BitMicro says it can now make SSDs with an amazing 6.5 TB of capacity. At the Siggraph trade show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, a company representative told TG Daily that the custom made drives can have up to 55,000 input/output instructions per second (IOPS) and can have sustained transfers of up to 230 MB/sec.

The custom drive probably won’t fit in your average desktop because the rep added that it’s about two to three times high as a regular drive. Thankfully the company continues to mass produce drop-in SSD replacements for laptops and desktops. BitMicro’s E-Disk Altima line comes in a variety of connections including SATA, SCSI or Fibre Channel.

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  • Blessedman
    lol I love how there is no true mention of price...
  • mtbhrd
    I would hack up the most expensive, beautiful case to fit one of these monsters any day.
  • Kari
    With a drive like that, the case is going to get dremelized quite fast. :D