Sling TV Finally Arrives On Android TV, Nexus Player

Sling TV was launched back in February 2015, offering a solution for potential cord-cutters who are tired of paying for channels they simply don't watch. The service arrived on the PC, Mac, Apple's iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Roku TVs and Roku set-top-boxes, providing at least 22 channels including TBS, ABC Family and the Disney Channel. Sling TV hit Amazon's Fire TV set-top-box and Fire TV Stick a week later.

Now the company has launched Sling TV for Android TV, including Google's own Nexus Player. The company is also providing a discount for customers who purchase a Nexus Player, offering a 50 percent discount when customers pre-purchase three months' worth of Sling TV. Don't want to take the plunge just yet? Sling TV also offers a free seven day trial.

Sling TV provides a basic package for $20 per month offering 22 channels. For $15 more each month, customers can enjoy movies and shows on HBO. There's also a Sports Extra package for an additional $5 per month (nine channels) and a Deportes Extra package for another $5 per month (six channels). The Kids Extra (five channels), Hollywood Extra (five channels), Lifestyle Extra (six channels), World News Extra (six channels) and Peliculas & Novelas (eight channels) also cost $5 per month each.

The beauty of Sling TV is that there's no annual contract to sign, no credit checks and in most cases, no hardware to install. Sling TV is a single app that can be downloaded, installed and enjoyed on smartphones, tablets and more. All TV stations remain within the Sling TV app and include video on demand (VOD) content.

Sling TV arrives at a time when consumers are looking to ditch the typical cable subscription for streaming their TV shows and movies to their favorite devices. Netflix and Hulu Plus are at the forefront, providing a huge amount of content that can be consumed whenever and wherever the customer wants. The difference with Sling TV is that it provides live TV; for Hulu Plus, most recent TV shows appear a day after their original air date.

"Today, we again bolstered our device footprint by expanding to Nexus Player's Android TV platform, and we expect this partnership to deliver additional convenience for both new and existing Sling TV customers," said Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV.

In addition to offering a discount for the Nexus Player, Sling TV is also providing discounts on hardware. For instance, purchase three months of Sling TV and customers will receive a free Fire TV Stick or 50 percent off an Amazon Fire TV set-top-box. On the Roku front, three months of pre-paid Sling TV service will land customers a free Roku streaming stick or 50 percent off the Roku 3 set-top-box.

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  • Larry Litmanen
    Sling TV is the best decision i made this year. Saved a TON on money already. The selection of channels is great, and the price is amazing.