Snail Resurrects The Gaming Smartphone With 'W' and 'W 3D'

China-based Snail Games has a resume of games ranging from browser games to MMO and mobile titles, but it seems that the company is venturing into the console market by releasing two gaming smartphones and a console.

The smartphones are called the "W" and "W 3D." Both feature gamepads, making it unclear whether or not the smartphones also include a touchscreen in lieu of the gamepad. As its name suggests, the W 3D allows 3D viewing without the need for special glasses, which sounds very similar to the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.

It also includes eye-tracking technology, which certainly has potential for both games and for general smartphone usage, but its true purpose is still a mystery. The console is called the OBox and looks more like a PC case than a console, compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Like the W and W 3D, the OBox will run an Android-based OS, which probably means that it comes with access to the Google Play store. Snail Games USA President Jim Tsai said all three devices come with pre-installed free games, which are probably the company's own titles.

Most of the specifics of the devices are still a mystery, but more information is bound to come out when the devices are shown at CES. Regardless, the company is still very new to the mobile market. Snail Games just launched its Snail Mobile division in January.

In terms of gaming smartphones, the company is following in the footsteps of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and the Nokia N-Gage, both of which were not very popular devices. In order for the W, W 3D and OBox to be successful, they need to not only offer a wide selection of games, but also appeal to gamers with its capabilities. Otherwise, it will fall into the same trap as the Xperia Play and the N-Gage.

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  • asdfwert
    "in lieu of" is the same as saying "instead of." Sentence 1 paragraph 2 makes no sense.
  • Alec Mowat
    @asdfwert I'd say it's more "In spit of"
  • BleedingEdgeTek
    "in lieu of" is the same as saying "instead of." Sentence 1 paragraph 2 makes no sense.

    1) It's sentence 2
    2) It makes complete sense. He's saying he's wondering if it will even have a touch screen as it will have a gamepad for navigation.
  • aviconus
    I disagree with the statement of xperia play. I had one from release and just barely replaced it with a note 3. I loved the hell out of those things. Anyone with half a brain could get emulators/roms which essentially made it a PSP with phone capabilities. Had they made an experia play 2, with comparable specs to the note 3, I would have bought that without a second thought. That said, I love my note 3, and have Emulators on that, and linked my PS3 remote to it, so that's pretty cool. Bias story by a bias columnist.