Zalman to Make Its Own Line of SSD Drives

We received a tip from Zalman HQ today that the company will make a formal entry into the solid state drive market, adding to its current line of PC-related products including power supplies, case fans, hard drive docking stations and more.

The new line will consist of the S Series and N Series, both featuring a 2.5-inch form factor and billed as shock-proof, vibration-proof, energy efficient and literally noise free. The drives will also utilize an anodized brushed aluminum housing for improved heat dissipation and weight.

According to the company, the S Series will be optimized for AHCI Mode, support Windows 7 TRIM command and use JMicron controllers. The series will consist of three capacities--32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB--with sequential read speeds up to 260 MB/s. Additionally, the 32 GB model will have write speeds up to 60 MB/s, up to 120 MB/s for the 64 GB model, and up to 210 MB/s for the 128 GB model.

The N Series will only comprise of two capacities--64 GB and 128 GB, both of which offer up to 280 MB/s sequential read speeds and up to 270 MB/s write speeds. Like the S Series, the N Series will be optimized for AHCI Mode and also support TRIM, however this particular line will utilize SandForce controllers instead--which so happens to be the particular controller that rules the SSD roosts at the moment.

Although Zalman didn't provide a release date, the pricing is as follows:

S Series

  • SSD0032S1 - 32GB - $99.99
  • SSD0064S1 - 64GB - $149.99
  • SSD0128S1 - 128GB - $249.99

N Series

  • SSD0064N1 - 64GB - $169.99
  • SSD0128N1 - 128GB - $289.99

More information as it comes.

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  • hellwig
    Wow, up to 60MB/s on the 32GB drive? Way to release an SSD more expensive and slower than many 2.5" HDDs. Other than low-power applications, whats the point of that drive?

    Now the N-series, those look pretty good, and with minimal price increase over the slower S-series.
  • icepick314
    why call Sandforce-controlled model "N"?

    shouldn't Sandforce controller model be "S" while J-Micron be called "J" or even "N"?
  • thejerk
    Hellwig... access times and read performance (up to 260MB/sec) are more important on what, at only 32GB, is almost certainly a boot drive.