Sony Job Listing Could Mean PSVR 2 Is in the Works

Current-gen PSVR (Image credit: Sony)

Sony hasn't said anything about a new virtual reality headset to go with the upcoming PlayStation 5, but a job listing from the company suggests it's working on a "next-gen" product.

The listing (via GameRant), is in Japanese and when translated calls for a mechanical engineer to work on "the next-generation VR head-mounted display," including the casing, heat management and lens.

While the listing doesn't use the word PlayStation anywhere, the company's current PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset is looking a bit long in the tooth, despite being the best VR headset for console gaming. The current PSVR headset will work in some capacity with the PS5, but it wouldn't be surprising to see a new HMD that takes advantage of the PS5's more powerful specs and catches up with the latest technologies in the space, including better lenses and wireless technologies.

The original PSVR uses a sizable breakout box for cables and requires the use of the aging PlayStation Move motion controllers, which debuted with the PS3, for some games, so there is lots of room for a new product.

Reports have suggested that Resident Evil Village may be among the games to support VR on PS5, which makes sense, as its predecessor, Resident Evil VII, could. But if that will be among the games to require a potentially newer headset, we've yet to find out.

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