Sony Reveals More Games Coming To PSVR

Sony’s PlayStation VR was all the rage at E3 last year thanks to titles such as Batman: Arkham VR and Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Halfway through its presentation tonight, Sony revealed more titles coming to the platform. Most were new IPs, but there were some games that are a variant of an existing title.

Those longing to return to Skyrim can try a new experience with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. The gameplay trailed showed multiple actions that you can perform with your hands, such as striking a sword and shield, wielding a bow and arrow, or casting magic from your fingertips. It’s worth noting that a majority of the gameplay showed off stationary actions, although one portion showed the player stepping backwards in the environment.

For fans of Final Fantasy XV, and possibly fishing in general, there’s the Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV experience. The VR title focuses on fishing, one of the many side activities you can try in the base game. In the VR version, you can cast your rod over a lake and attempt to catch small and large fish with an array of bait options. However, there’s a huge and powerful creature underwater that might pose a danger to you if it gets too close to your position.

Playful, known for its work on Lucky’s Tale, is back with a brand new title called Starchild. The side-scrolling game will put you in the shoes of a female explorer on an alien planet. She’ll have to work together with a massive robotic figure in order to survive frequent attacks from hostile creatures. Those looking for a dose of horror might want to try out The Inpatient, which is a prequel for the horror game Until Dawn. Set 60 years beforeUntil Dawn, the game puts you in the perspective of a patient in the Blackwood Sanatorium.

A majority of virtual reality titles include some form of firearms, and Bravo Team is the latest addition to the VR shooter genre. You’ll work with a teammate as you deal with the aftermath of a presidential assassination in an escort mission gone wrong.

There’s also a game called Moss where you can interact with the environment in order to help a mouse reach its destination. However, you’ll have to ensure its survival as it encounters dangerous enemies, including a terrifying snake.

The addition of these new titles reinforces Sony’s commitment to its virtual reality platform. Games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR could attract die-hard fans to virtual reality, but it’s worth paying attention to the lesser-known titles, as well. Unknown studios are making their mark in the industry with their interesting VR gameplay, and one of these upcoming titles could be a jewel.