Silicon Power Updates Line of Thunderbolt External SSDs

On Tuesday, Silicon Power updated the Thunder T11 series, a line of external SSDs that connect via Thunderbolt. The company says this external storage solution is ideal for professionals who attach importance to speed performance, such as photographers, videographers, video gamers and professionals.

"Featuring advanced Thunderbolt technology and exceptional product design, SP Thunder T11 has acquired great attention and support from worldwide professional designers and Apple fans since its debut last year," states the PR. "Thunder T11 also proved its superiority with the recognition from red dot award: Product Design 2014, which is the most influential and prestigious design award all over the world."

The Thunderbolt-equipped SSDs feature an aluminum enclosure designed to protect files at a fraction of the weight. The drives have read speeds of up to 380 MB/s and write speeds of up to 340 MB/s. And thanks to Thunderbolt's 10 Gb/s connection, files are piped to and from the user's desktop three times faster than a USB 3.0 external hard drive.

"Thunder T11 is not only the lightest but also the smallest Thunderbolt SSD on the market. Featuring extremely small and featherweight design, Thunder T11 is half the size of ordinary storage devices and only weighs 65g (2.30 ounces)," states the product sheet.

The specs show that these Thunderbolt-based SSDs measure just 2.91 x 2.44 x 0.60 inches, and is offered in Starlight Blue and Silver colors. The Thunder T11 is also now sold in two capacities: 120 GB and the new 240 GB model. The drives are even bus powered via the Thunderbolt interface, so there's no worrying about plugging a power adapter into an electrical outlet.

For more information about the new external SSD, head here.

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  • dgingeri
    Read of 380 and write of 340? That sounds slow. They must have used a Crucial M4 or something in that enclosure. Why couldn't they use a Samsung 840 Pro? The way many companies overcharge for TB stuff, they'd certainly have the money for it.
  • nil404
    Thunderbolt is too expensive. You can get about the same speeds or better with USB3 and SSD.