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Pre-Order StarCraft II, Get Beta Access

GameStop is currently accepting pre-orders for the Standard ($59.99) and Collector's Edition ($99.99) of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Although Blizzard hasn't set a firm release date for the upcoming sci-fi RTS, that's not "stopping" GameStop from taking your money early. As a reward, the games retailer is providing invitations to the current StarCraft II beta and free 3-day (ground) shipping for those who want the physical copy sent directly to their door.

For gamers who pre-order online, a code and a set of instructions on how to join the beta will be emailed within one business day. Those who pre-order right from the store counter will receive a beta code on the actual receipt. Shifty consumers who think they can get into the beta and then cancel the pre-order are out of luck, as GameStop said that orders cannot be canceled after receipt of the code.

To pre-order and receive entry into the glorious beta, head here for the Standard version and here for the meatier Collector's Edition. May the Swartz be with you (sorry, wrong realm).