Timeline of Steve Ballmer's Past 33 Years at Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed today that he will be retiring from the company within the next year. The immediate response from the financial market was one of optimism, as evidenced through a jump in the stock price. Regardless of your opinion of Ballmer, there's no denying that he's played an essential role in the rise of the world's largest software company. 

Take a trip down memory lane with an infographic courtesy of our sister site LAPTOP:

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  • Azn Cracker
    Saw him in the parking lot during a Microsoft Store opening. Am I cool or what?

    Sad to say the store doesn't have that many patrons.
  • spartanmk2
    Buh-Bye! /wave
  • house70
    Not a single day too soon.
    The sad part is, this clown will get a huge bonus (on top of what he's already got) and will live the rest of his care-free life thinking he was one of the greatest assets at MS.