Capcom Makes Improvements To 'Street Fighter V,' Some Issues Remain

The release of Street Fighter V didn’t go as planned. Various issues popped up for players that made the latest entry into the popular fighting series unplayable, and one day after the game’s launch, Capcom repaired some of the issues at hand.

Some Fixes

The biggest problem was connectivity and matchmaking. The game’s focus on multiplayer matches took a hit because of the issue, but Capcom said that the online connections should be smoother now because the game launched on all platforms and regions. In regards to matchmaking, the problem was quickly identified and fixed on the game’s server. As always, you should keep an eye on the Street Fighter V server Twitter account for any updates.

On the PC version, some players noted problems with the game booting up or crashing after launch. Capcom attributed the problem to some antivirus software, which could prevent the game from starting due to a “false-positive error.” If this occurs, you should add the game to the software’s exclusion list to circumvent the issue.

More Problems

Even with the repairs, there were still some lingering issues, such as the in-game Figher IDs, which is a method of identifying each player online. After creating a new account in the game, some players complained that their Fighter IDs were corrupted. Capcom is aware of the problem, and a fix is on the way. However, an exact timetable for the patch wasn’t included in the announcement.

There were also some crashing and stability issues that plagued the PC port. However, most of the problems can’t be reproduced. Players are encouraged to direct any problems to the game’s Steam Bug Reporting thread, and include as many details as possible in each report so that the developers can try and reproduce the crash.

New Features Coming

Those playing on the PC version also added feedback as to what features should be implemented in future updates. At the top of the list is DirectInput support, which reads data from controllers and joysticks. Players prefer to use the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 arcade sticks on the PC, and even though native support will eventually come in a future patch, Capcom recommended that players use other remapping tools such as X360CE in the meantime. The developers are also working on expanding the custom key bindings aside from the original keyboard assignments (B, N, M, comma, H, J, K and L).

There will also be future support for more languages. At the moment, the game detects the default language based on the language of the operating system. A fix would allow users to pick a language with the help of the Steam client launcher.

A future update will also make it easier to switch screen resolutions. At the moment, you would have to “cycle through each in-between resolution setting in order to arrive at a resolution.” The same update would also make the process faster so you can quickly return to the fight.

When? Nobody Knows.

Of course, these updates don’t have a specific release date, but it’s best to have some of the fixes out sooner than later. The launch of Street Fighter V seemed to be a mess, but a few repairs over the next few days or weeks could easily convince more people to pick up the game.

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  • Roy_5_
    No Blanka or E Honda is a massive fail to start with! Even if some characters have similar fighting styles it's no excuse not to have the full roster of characters, people have favorite characters especially in fighting games, it's a smack in the face not having them all in the game, it does not detract from the game in any way including them. Just greedy money grabbing devs with no doubt the missing characters being dlc sadly.
  • Marko Ravnjak
    It also quite sad that PC games in 2016 don't have proper input support/customization. It really isn't THAT hard to implement it...
  • Nossy
    Cheap. No Story Mode, so why not just put all the characters in ever invented? Oh wait, you need the season pass. I stop buying games at full price...which is essentially $90. $60 is a half-baked game if even.

    If you are not going to EVO, just wait for bargain bin...if even.