Super Flower Reveals Its First Titanium Line, Plus A Digital PSU

Power supply and case maker, Super Flower, featured several new products at its booth during Computex 2015. For the first time ever the company revealed a full Titanium line, which consists of eight PSUs with capacities ranging from 550 W to 1600 W, covering all market segments. This is the first power supply company with a full portfolio of Titanium units, and we are anxious to start reviewing the lower capacity models, which will very likely be of interest to a great number of users.

Super Flower also made some changes to its new Gold series of PSUs; the units are now housed in smaller chassis. The company also introduced a new affordable line for inputs of 230 VAC with 80 Plus Silver efficiency. Super Flower's Leadex Silver series consists of six PSUs ranging from 450 W to 1000 W capacities, all of which are fully modular. According to Super Flower, the prices of Silver Leadex units will be highly competitive, which is sure to influence its competition to adjust their pricing schemes.

But the biggest surprise from Super Flower was the reveal of a digital unit with 1600 W capacity and 80 Plus Titanium efficiency, which proves that the company has been working on a digital platform for quite some time now. This is great news and we are looking forward to seeing a cutting edge platform from Super Flower soon. This is also good news for users; as more manufacturers adopt the use of digital circuits in their PSU designs, the more affordable these units will become. Not much information was revealed about this unit, so we will have to wait a little longer to learn more about it.

We also noticed several individually sleeved cable kits in various color combinations, which were inspired by the flags of several countries. This is a nice addition for enthusiast users and modders who want higher quality power cables for their Super Flower PSUs.

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