Super NES USB Gamepad Now for PC Gaming

The Xbox 360 controller has become the defacto standard for PC gamers looking to play with their thumbs. But what if the extra analog triggers and thumbsticks don't please you, making you wish for a controller layout from a more simple time?

Japanese PC accessories maker Buffalo has created a USB gamepad that's completely reminiscent of the Japanese Super Nintendo (known as the Super Famicom) controller, complete with the color-coded buttons.

It's available from Geek Stuff 4 U for ¥2,700, which is around $30.

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  • maestintaolius
    I really like my logitech rumblepad, but I could see the nostalgia factor for when I'm playing my emulators.
  • accolite
    I'm up for 2 of these babies.
  • noodlegts
    I just picked up 2 very similar to this (no turbo buttons) for $13 a piece from ebay (new). Downloaded ZSNES and I've been playing MegaMan X, F-Zero,Sunset Riders, SF2 and UMK3 like crazy!

    Watch where you buy from though because there is a very high fluctuation in price and quality. If you have some original SNES controllers you're better off just buying the USB adapters. They're the same price but you get the authentic experience of using a real SNES controller.