The Top 5 Supercomputers More Power Hungry Than Ever

The updated K system now has 705,024 processing cores, delivers 10.5 PFlops and consumes about 12.7 MW. For the first time, the list also includes a supercomputer that integrates a Chinese processor architecture.

The current Top500 list now ranks four Asian systems among the five fastest supercomputers in the world. NUDT YH MPP follows the K Computer with a performance of 2.6 PFlops. A 1.8 PFlops computer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is in third place, followed by a Dawning TC3600 system in China (1.3 PFlops) and a HP ProLiant SL390s supercomputer (1.2 PFlops) at Tokyo's GSIC Center. Despite greater power efficiencies in microprocessors, the overall power consumption is expanding at a rapid pace: K Computer consumes 12.7MW. The five fastest supercomputers are estimated at a consumption of 27.3 MW, up from 14.8 MW just three years ago.

The November 2011 list also includes, for the first time, a computer that uses China's Shenwei SW1600 CPU. Clocked at 975 MHz, the processor has 16 cores and debuts in a system installed at the National Supercomputing Center in Jinan. The system is ranked at position 14.

  • guru_urug
    Connect them into a cluster and behold: "Skynet"
  • PrvtChurch
    that's a lot of power. but can it run Crysis?
  • de5_Roy
    the benchmark pcs built for fx reviews comsume more power than these supercomputers!
  • lashabane
    Wake me up when we hit 1.21 gigawatts....
  • gmcizzle
    But can it cool a system playing Crysis?
  • kristoffe
    most high end power supplies for enthusiast pcs 1000-1600 watts, or 1-1.6kw, not mw

  • joytech22
    A Chinese CPU? :o
    If they had a x86 license and made said architecture CPU's, I wonder how they would perform, a.k.a price/performance.
    Was I the only one who asked themselves that question?

    On topic now..
    Damn that's a lot of power, like a power station dedicated just to the top supercomputer. :\ I wonder if indeed they did dedicate one to it.
  • Soma42
    kristoffemost high end power supplies for enthusiast pcs 1000-1600 watts, or 1-1.6kw, not mw
    You know this isn't talking about enthusiast PCs right?

    The average i7 PC is putting out around 60-70 GFlops, which is about a million times less than a PFlop...
    (1 PFlop = 1000000 GFlop)

    12.7 mega(yes mega)watts actually seems a bit low for 10.5 PFlops, but maybe I'm missing something
  • alyoshka
    Haven't these guys heard of going green? I wonder what green peace is doing about this.... 12MW?????? OMG that's a whole Power Generating Units Output...... And not some small Hydroelectric power plant.... Unbelievable...
    Well, this does seem more like an Enthusiast PC, only it's a very enthusiastic corp.
    They alone should be held accountable for such a massive waste of electricity and it is a waste if the rigs can't use up their PCIe Bandwidth.....
  • pasoleatis
    Yes you are missing the communications devices between the nodes which consumes equal power to the nodes and the cooling system which consumes as much as the nodes and communication together. So the actual calculations only consumes a 1/4 of the total power.