'Raw Data' Gets A PvP Mode

Last week, Survios revealed new features coming to its upcoming VR racing title, Sprint Vector, but the developer hasn't neglected its flagship action VR title, the katana-slashing, robot-blasting thrillerRaw Data, which is gaining a PvP mode.

Raw Data takes place in Neo-Shinjuku in 2271, where the headquarters for the outwardly benevolent Eden Corp controls much of the world’s economy. However, Eden Corp’s latest announcement, Promotion, appears to have shady strings attached. It’s up to a hacker organization known as SyndiK8 to delve into Eden Corp’s dealings and discover its true intentions. SyndiK8 will infiltrate Eden Corp with a select few operatives, whom you get to control. By now, you might’ve seen gameplay featuring the cooperative single player campaign, but now you can turn your sights on your friends.

The latest Raw Data update introduces Eden vs. SyndiK8, a player-vs-player game mode. These new competitive matches allow you to choose your favorite heroes and use a variety of weapons, as well as unique special and ultimate abilities. Some of the abilities have been overhauled specifically for Edven vs. SyndiK8. The showdowns will take place on new PvP maps and can consist of one-on-one duels on up to 10-player brawls.

Three heroes have already been revealed: Bishop the Gun Cleric, Saija the Cyber Ninja, and Boss the Street Merc. The latest update introduces Elder the Rogue Hunter, an archer employing homing arrows, holographic decoys, and a host of assassination-tailored abilities. Each hero specializes in different weapons and abilities, granting you a variety of play styles.

Raw Data is currently in Early Access and available on Steam and Oculus Home, but it will officially launch this September for $40. Survios also plans to port Raw Data to Playstation VR soon. Raw Data will be showcased alongside Sprint Vector during E3, at South Hall Booth #501.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Raw Data
TypeVR, Action
PlatformsSteam, Oculus Home, Playstation VR
Release DateSeptember 2017
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