Survios Offers More Details About Its VR Racing Game, 'Sprint Vector'

Sprint Vector is an upcoming racing VR title that involves, well, sprinting. But how does one move in VR, let alone sprint? Developers have conjured up a variety of ways to handle locomotion in VR, from teleporting to hovering. Survios, the studio behind Sprint Vector, has created a Fluid Locomotion system to run, jump, and pull players forward. We had a chance to check out exactly how this works during GDC.

With E3 right around the corner, Survios has revealed two new movement systems: drifting and wall running. With the fast-paced (and we mean that; players can reach speeds bordering 300MPH) movement that Fluid Locomotion offers, catching a sweet drift or running past your opponents perpendicularly might not only prove to be useful, but also satisfying.

Additionally, Survios has announced new features to look forward to in Sprint Vectorincluding weapons, items, and power-upsbecause what wacky racing game doesn’t allow you to hound your opponents? Two of the new items are Nitro and Slow Mines, which give players a brief speed boost and slow opponents respectively. Another new feature is the ability to blast away environmental obstacles. While this is all that’s been revealed so far, Survios plans to add more; we’re hoping these future additions will deliver a comically driven (or ran…get it?) Mario Kart-esque experience on top of the quirks that the Fluid Locomotion system provides.

Finally, Sprint Vector will allow players to choose between a variety of characters. A new promotional teaser illustrates four of the selectable characters, while four more are yet to be revealed. We’re not sure if each character has unique abilities or if the differences are purely cosmetic, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Sprint Vector is slated for release in Q4 of this year. Survios will demo the game alongside its VR action thriller, Raw Data, next week during E3, at South Hall Booth #501.

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NameSprint Vector
TypeVR, Racing
Where To BuyN/A
Release DateQ4 2017
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