Tesoro Intros Lobera Supreme Mechanical Keyboard

Looking for a new mechanical keyboard for gaming? Tesoro Technology USA may have what you’re looking for in the Lobera Supreme. This keyboard is named after the sword of Saint Ferdinand III of Castile, and packs a 16.8 million-color backlight color palette. The keyboard is available now at retailers across the nation for $139.99.

The Lobera Supreme illuminates each key individually, and there are light bars on each side of the peripheral, as well. Users can also choose between one of four levels of brightness and add visual effects such as breathing and color looping, and there's a “gaming” mode that only illuminates the gaming keys.

The keyboard includes 512 Kb of memory for storing recorded macros and personalized settings. Also included is a one-touch game mode button for fast switching and three thumb keys mounted directly under the spacebar for instantly launching macros. Customers can also choose what type of mechanical switches they prefer: Black, Blue, Brown or Red.

“Tesoro's Lobera Supreme features switchable USB 6 N-Key to Full N-Key Rollover function through firmware,” the press release states. “Depending on the requirements (tournament mode vs. hardcore mode), users can press any and all keys at the same time without worrying that some key may not be registered. Additionally, every single key is fully programmable, allowing for 5 sets of profiles, 300 macro keys and 2000 macro key presses per profile.”

The keyboard includes two USB 2.0 pass-through ports for adding additional peripheral and ports for adding speakers and a microphone. The USB 2.0 ports can even charge a mobile device if the user plugs a power supply into the keyboard’s DC-IN jack (5V 2.5A). The keyboard also features an anti-slip design with rubberized tilt feet, embedded multimedia keys, a gold-plated USB connector with a braided cable, and software for adding “advanced” macro settings.

For the same price, Razer offers its Blackwidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard. This peripheral includes the company’s own mechanical switches that are designed specifically for gaming, and they include a high-quality spring, gold-plated contact points, clicky keys with an optimized tactile feel, and a protective housing to keep dirt and whatnot away from the sensitive parts.

Razer’s mechanical keyboard also provides individually-lit keys, but unlike the Lobera Supreme, Razer locks the color down to its signature green; the “Stealth” model has quiet, orange keys. The switches are engineered to withstand up to 60 million keystrokes, and have an actuation force of 50g. Other features include 10-key roll-over anti-ghosting, fully programmable keys, a gaming mode option, 5 additional dedicated macro keys, and more.

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  • RoxasForTheWin
    Haven't had one of these before, might pick one up after my black widow fails me. I also like how you can change the color to anything like how duckyshines do
  • mortsmi7
    Is this a Tesoro article or a Razer article? And which keyboard does the keys mentioned in the last paragraph refer to?
  • Ghouldude
    It's referring to the keys that razer now has manufactured for them, ( Cherry Corps patents ran out on the mechanical keyswitch design) they adjusted the actuation points on the keys and the reset points so that they can be registered a lot faster on the (razer) green switches, in my opinion this is a vast improvement over blue keys, and they are essentially MX brown keys but clicky, I'm not sure exactly what the Razer orange keys are, but I want to say modified mx red/black switches. I've read an article about the Razer Green switches, I bet oyu can find what the orange ones are, I've typed on them, they seem fairly run of the mill mechanical red/black switch.
  • Red_Sun
    I love my Filco with Cherry Reds, but dang I wish I had back-lit keys...
  • FrodoSwaggins
    "Gamer" peripherals are so dumb. Can't they sell normal looking keyboards marketed to everyone? Of course gamers will buy them (I want to get a mechanical keyboard but don't have the cash right now) but marketing solely to gamers is kinda dumb, and the keyboards are often really ugly.