Tesoro Intros Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Full Color

Looking for a new keyboard for PC gaming? Tesoro Technology USA provides two solutions: the mechanical-like Lobera for $89 USD and the mechanical Lobera Extreme for $139 USD. The latter, more expensive model is deemed as the world's first full color illumination mechanical gaming keyboard, with gaming grade switches available in Blue, Black, Brown and Red.

"Tesoro Lobera and Tesoro Lobera Supreme are named after a famous sword of bravery and great virtue. Also nicknamed as 'the sword wolf-slayer,' it symbolized power used by Saint Ferdinand III, becoming one of the most famous swords in recorded history, and making its righteous owner an invincible champion and an exemplary knight," states the company's press release.

Both keyboards feature built-in 512 Kb of memory for recording and storing macros, two USB 2.0 ports, audio/microphone jacks, and a DC-in jack so that the keyboard can charge devices like smartphones and tablets. Every single key is fully programmable, allowing for five sets of profiles, 300 macro keys and 2,000 macro key presses per profile.

"Lobera Supreme allows users to modify LED colors to any color of their liking," states the company's press release. "No longer do users have to choose mechanical gaming grade keyboard with only one color of LED – Lobera Supreme allows for full 16.8M colors for illumination, each key illuminated individually, together with a side bar effects. It comes with full backlit LED, which can be adjusted to four levels of brightness, breathing mode, color loop mode and game mode, where only gaming keys are illuminated."

The cheaper 'membrane version' of the keyboard still allows for full color modification, but instead it only comes with two levels of brightness. Another difference between the two is a gaming grade 10 million key actuation on the "vanilla" model and 50 million on the "Supreme" version. Other than the lighting differences, both seem to have the same anti-slip design rubberized bottom stand and brushed textured surface.

"High quality top enclosure with brushed texture surface finish is used to ensure longevity and high durability. High quality anti-slip feet with an option to choose 3 different heights depending on personal needs and highest quality braided cable with gold-plated USB connectors to maximize life of the product are the important details that Tesoro provides to manufacture this highest quality keyboard currently available in the market," states the company's press release.

For more information about the two new gaming keyboards, head here.

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  • internetlad
    This just screams "Trying too hard"

    When will companies figure out that Mech boards are about subletly, maturity, and buying your own keycaps to make a unicorn puke rainbow board.
  • Dragonzeanse
    Anonymous said:
    This just screams "Trying too hard"

    When will companies figure out that Mech boards are about subletly, maturity, and buying your own keycaps to make a unicorn puke rainbow board.

    I like features such as backlighting and media keys (especially a volume wheel), but I would be sold on those features if the keyboard in question was good. A lot of companies tend to miss that last part.

    But I do like my devices to look reasonably stylish. A bit of immaturity is nice.
  • Fierce Guppy
    The high-end one is called a Lobera Supreme, NOT a Lobera Extreme.