Thermaltake's Latest Gaming Chair Sports Active Cooling

Thermaltake announced a new addition to its Comfort series of gaming chairs, the X Comfort Air. Its key feature is an active air-cooling system designed to help keep gamers cool and comfortable.

The X Comfort Air shares its shape and ergonomics with Thermaltake’s X and GT Comfort chairs. Thermaltake splits its chairs by tightness of fit; the Comfort line has a more relaxed and generous fit compared to the more snug Fit line. Chairs within each line are further split by material, and the X chairs use more premium materials than the GT chairs.

All of Thermaltake’s gaming chairs share the same basic ergonomic features and adjustments: chair height, back angle, rocking tilt, tilt lock, and four-way armrests. They also all share some basic points of construction, including an aluminum frame, padding made from 75 kg/m3 foam, a class-4 gas piston, and an aluminum five-spoke base with three-inch casters.

The defining point of the X Comfort AIR, however, is its active air-cooling feature. The system consists of four high-pressure fans that are embedded in the base of the chair. The power cord attaches to a control box that’s located behind the chair back. Like a cooled seat in a car, the chair’s base is covered with perforated faux-leather that permits airflow from the three-speed fans. Unlike most cooled car seats, though, no air flows from the chair back.

Thermaltake’s announcement is murky on how the company tested the effectiveness of the system. It shows infrared images of the seat after it’s been sat in, with the cooling system running on different speeds. What’s not clear is whether or not the cooling system was running while the subject was in the seat or if it was switched on afterwards. Thermaltake claimed that the system can cool the seat by between 0.6 and 1.5 degrees Celsius. The noise level of the fans is stated as 32 DB(A), but Thermaltake didn’t specify the correlating fan speed for this.

The gaming chair market has exploded in the past few years. The list of companies in this space include Corsair, DXRacer, Cougar, noblechairs, Aerocool, Gamdias, and many more. Even Office Furniture Marketing (OFM) has one now. It’s also not a market where much differentiation happens. Most offerings are just variations on the “racing seat” aesthetic with different colors and surface materials. As such, the air-cooling system of the X Comfort AIR, even if we don’t know how effective it is, sets it apart from the rest. (No one would complain if Thermaltake added an active massage system, too.

The Thermaltake X Comfort AIR comes in red and black versions that are available now on Thermaltake's site for $500.

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Header Cell - Column 0 X Comfort AIR
Height AdjustmentMaximum seat height: 58cmMinimum seat height: 48cm
Armrest AdjustmentMaximum arm height: 83cmMinimum arm height: 65cm
Backrest DimensionsBackrest height: 83.5cmBackrest shoulder width: 53.5cmBackrest pelvis width: 31cm
Price$500 USD
  • Chettone
    A chair with cables. I cant imagine how many times you will roll over those cables with the chair's wheels.
  • thundervore
    Wait a second!!!! I could have sworn I said this months ago!!! As I did with the RGB in chairs.

    I first called it with RBG now I called it again with putting fans in the chairs for active cooling.

    Now its only a matter of time for them to make the chair rechargeable to power the fans. Then a year later bump it up a bit where the seat and back rest has integrated liquid cooling, and start selling different size/type of wheels, arm rests, neck rests for customizability to "make it yours".

    This is the perfect roadmap to milk out customers for every penny when they are unaware.
  • cryoburner
    I'm still holding out for a Boston Dynamics racing chair...

    I suspect it might also be quieter than this thing running with four fans at 5100RPM. : 3
  • BFG-9000
    With the chair preventing a sweaty butt and the Tt eSPORTS mouse with internal fan preventing a sweaty hand, someone needs to make a hat to prevent a sweaty brow.

    The solar powered hats with fans aren't going to work indoors.
  • chernihvik
    They should've come up with fart absorbers or an ass vacuum. Maybe next year model will have those features for $600.
  • Karadjgne
    My kid had a gaming chair. It was a rocker style we got from Walmart that had built in speakers, volume control, even an extension port that plugged into various Nintendo/ps/Xbox units so your wired controller wasn't stretched to the max. None of which was ever hooked up since she used the surround sound, wireless controller etc. $100 gimmick that was less comfortable than a $15 bean bag.
  • Patrick_Bateman
    Not a fan.
  • mihen
    $500 for a seat with PU Leather. Yea, I think they missed the most important part of a chair.
  • gio2vanni86
    I like it when my ass heats up my chair.. I always have my AC on. Just to cool my PC. *air cooled* I know what a loser i am! Still haven't dived into water cooling. But i love my warm ass chair with my AC blowing heheh
  • Rheotome
    Are we going to end up with Homer Simpson's Reclining Chair Toilet combo ??