Tt Brings Real Leather To X Series Gaming Chairs

Following the release of its actively-cooled X-Comfort Air gaming chair, ThermalTake announced new additions to the line that offer real leather.

As their names imply, the X-Fit and X-Comfort Real Leather Edition chairs are essentially ThermalTake’s existing X-Fit and X-Comfort chairs but covered with real leather instead of PVC-based faux leather (vinyl). Compared to the standard X-Fit and X-Comfort, which are only slightly more premium versions of the cheaper GT chairs (also vinyl-covered), the X series Real Leather Editions represent a significant step up in luxury. The chairs are fully covered, back and front, in real leather.

For a more detailed description of ThermalTake’s gaming chair lineup and the specific differences between its Fit and Comfort lines, check our previous coverage. In short, the Fit chairs are designed to be more snug fitting, whereas the Comfort chairs are more relaxed fitting. Although not as interesting or unique as the X series Air, the new X-Fit and X-Comfort Real Leather Edition chairs take up the flagship position in ThermalTake’s gaming chair lineup at $530 and $550, respectively.

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Thermaltake Gaming ChairsX-Fit Real Leather EditionX-Comfort Real Leather Edition
Height AdjustmentMaximum seat height: 58cmMinimum seat height: 48cmMaximum seat height: 58cmMinimum seat height: 48cm
Armrest AdjustmentMaximum arm height: 83cmMinimum arm height: 65cmMaximum arm height: 83cmMinimum arm height: 65cm
Backrest DimensionsBackrest height: 83.5cmBackrest shoulder width: 53cmBackrest pelvis width: 25cmBackrest height: 83.5cmBackrest shoulder width: 53.5cmBackrest pelvis width: 31cm
Price$530 USD$550 USD
  • geewhizbang
    I've been ripped off before by "real leather" that was actually "bonded leather" which is basically waste leather added to plastic so it smells like leather but really isn't very durable at all. So they need to make this very clear that it is real top grain leather.
  • berezini
    there's also dissolved leather scraps into fibers slapped together with bonding agent and textured to look like leather but not leather hide they still call it real leather because the material is leather even though its been processed and held up together by glue.
  • Fait
    So...bad news is that it is PVC leather and not actual real top grain leather.
    Check it out:

    Scroll down to the Specifications table for the disappointment. :(
  • berezini
    go on soul revolver on amazon they make leather jackets and see what each one is made of. only rarely do they use good quality leather all others are listed as imported. and recently all leather products have gone on sale due to low sales. Also, having a chair made of leather may not be a good idea in this day and age. across the states there is a huge bed bug problem and your 500+ dollar chair will get infested. yes you can treat for that but would you really use it after you know its been infested?
  • berezini
    FAIT, looks like another Tom's Hardware miss-leading article titles.
  • panikattak
    FAIT, you might want to actually go back and look at the chair you linked. It is not the same chair that the article shows. Notice the holes up near the shoulder and the different design in the back area? Read the specs on this link. Now whether or not Tt is lying since the one you linked has "Real Leather" in the name but still uses PVC, that's a whole other topic.
  • Oovar
    These chairs use garbage PVC leather. Super disappointing.

    One day, someone will make a real leather gaming chair.