Thermaltake's Blinged-Out Standing Desk Takes Alexa Commands

I'm typically not a fan of standing desks, but ThermalTake might have just changed my thinking on the matter. In a darkened segment, of the component-maker's booth, I found the most ridiculous standing desk I've ever seen. Alight with RGB glowing goodness and outfitted with hydraulics, it was chockful of awesomeness.

Still, currently in the concept stage, Thermaltake plans to launch the desk towards the end of the year at a yet-to-be-determined price. Exact table dimensions weren't readily available, but the transforming furniture had a massive full-tower PC with a large monitor and still had plenty of room to accommodate a mouse, keyboard, Amazon Echo Dot, a headset stand with a bit of room to spare. The outer border of the table is lined with a clear rubber that's soft, pliable and perfect for showing of the LED lighting underneath.

Even though what was on the table was pretty interesting, particularly that Echo Dot, it's what was under the table that was cause for excitement. A small module underneath the right-side of the table has a button to control table height. Pressing the button slowly raised the table and revealed the candy-red hydraulics holding everything up. And though it gave me extreme auto shop vibes, I was pleased that the system was pretty quiet. The Thermaltake rep said that the table can support up 450 pounds, as evidenced by the large rig on the table, which he said weighed about 150 pounds. At maximum height, the table came up to the middle of my torso, making it pretty easy for 5-foot, 8-inch me to comfortably stand and game.

Thermaltake had another surprise hidden in plain sight on the table in the form of the Echo Dot. The company is working to make its lighting setup Alexa compatible. Using the sample voice commands (wave, blink, quickly, slower, rainbow) Alexa would change the lighting colors and effects on the table, PC and the rows of spinning fans sitting above the setup. It's a really cool way to switch up the look of your gaming setup and you don't have to lift a finger to do it.

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Sherri L. Smith
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