We're Hiring in Europe! Apply Now!

Tom's Hardware and AfterDawn are looking to expand services in the Nordic countries. We already have a strong presence in our home country, Finland, but we also have localized sites available in Swedish and Norwegian, with a Danish version under construction as well. AfterDawn.com launched Tom's Hardware Finland in August, 2010, and other Nordic countries will follow during the Spring 2011.

We are now looking for people interested in joining our team at AfterDawn.com, and working with translations and content for both AfterDawn and Tom's Hardware in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Your work will include:

  • Translating English content (in-depth technology articles that can be 5-40 pages long) to your own native language
  • Writing news (i.e. not just translating from source material) in your native language on a regular / daily basis
  • Communicating with other members of the staff for coordination (via email, instant messengers and IRC)

What we are looking for in you:

  • You’re a native speaker of one of the languages mentioned (no, good Google Translation skills don’t count :-)
  • A person with good English language skills (English is the communication language between different AfterDawn teams -- and your news sources, translation materials, etc will all be in English -- but you don't need to produce content in English)
  • A strong grasp on PC technology (and related terminology), including motherboards, graphics cards, CPUs and GPUs, mass storage etc.
  • Ability to write fluently and grammatically correct in the target language
  • Commitment to agreed deadlines, NDAs, content targets etc.
  • Ability to work remotely, using ICQ and email as primary means for communicating with other members of the staff
  • Basic HTML and image editing knowledge (nothing dramatic here, just the understanding of basic tags, image resizing, etc)
  • Prior experience with content management systems is a bonus, but not required (we use a custom CMS anyway)

What will you get in return:

  • An opportunity to work with a launch of one of the leading technology sites in the world - in your native language
  • Flexibility in arranging your working hours and holidays -- this is not a nine-to-five-job
  • … and of course a salary based on your content output and an opportunity to a bonus, based on the performance of the site

That's it really. Questions? Contact us via our feedback form or comment on this article.

To apply, please visit:


Deadline for applications is Sunday, February 23rd 2011 at 23:59 UTC.

  • When does Tom's Hardware for Romania open?
    I'm the first person you can count on !!!
  • And did you consider Spain??? I would be interested if so.
  • obiown77
    Ia ama illingwa ota anslatetra omfra igpa atinla ifa uoya eddna ita?
  • ruigui
    Too bad this is not happening in Portugal... I'm unemployed, it would be great to do something computer related. It's what i love.
    Come on guys, come to the south ;)
  • ochiuletz
    Madalin, you're not the only one interested.
  • bauboni
    What do you think about a brazilian-portuguese version?
  • bauboni
    What do you think about a brazilian-portuguese version?
  • saint19
    When we see Tom's on Spanish? I will help without problems ;)
  • tmk221
    why is polish tom's hardwere dead since 2005 ?
  • joytech22
    If you ever plan on hosting near Australia you know who to call (or E-Mail)

    Ghos... uhhmmhm.. Me!