Definitive PC Game Lists, Part 2: Now Accepting Submissions

Update, 9/29/17, 9:00am PT: This is the final weekend for all submissions. If your favorite game isn't on the list, now is your final chance to add it. We're looking for submissions in the Easter Egg, Memorable Bugs, Memorable Levels, and Worst Dialogue categories. Looking for suggestions or inspirations? Follow our Steam Curator Feed for more great games.

The Tom’s Hardware Definitive List of PC Games is back! We’re tapping into the Community’s collective knowledge and experience to assemble the definitive list of PC games across a range of categories. We are now taking submissions in seven new and distinct categories in the PC Gaming Forum. After the submission period ends, we’ll put the top-ranking games in each category to a community vote, letting you decide which games are worthy of being called "definitive."

You can find each of the seven new categories in our PC Gaming Forum, but see below for direct links:

Most Memorable Protagonist

Most Memorable Levels

Most Interesting Easter Eggs

Best Puzzle Games

Most Memorable Bugs and Glitches

Best Games with the Worst Dialogue

Best Games with Mature Subject Matter

Only you can prevent garbage fire game purchases, so give us your best submissions and see your favorite games featured on the Tom’s Hardware homepage. In case you missed it, we published the Definitive List of Best Replayable Games and Best Games with the Most Playable Hours. Let us know what you think. Want to give us kudos? Great! Want to tell us how wrong we are? Awesome! We want it all, so give us your best shot at feedback in the article comments section.

The other five categories are forthcoming, so keep your eyes peeled for our definitive list of GPU-Melting Games, Toughest Bosses, Worst PC Ports, Best Skyrim Mods, Best Online Co-Op Games, and the Best Games with the Biggest Surprise Endings.

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