Best Games With The Most Playable Hours

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Rexly Peñaflorida

Rexly Peñaflorida II is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware news, with a major focus on gaming.

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  • Aidan8352
    I totally agree with this list
  • daglesj
    Erm I'd add in Eve Online to that. I would also add I have 757 hours on Fallout 4. I'm not proud of it though.
  • AlphaRAM01
    I am! That's impressive! Do you still have a job!?!
  • darth_adversor
    Disappointed to see Skyrim on the list. Love TES, but I found Skyrim to be lifeless and boring. Sure, there's a lot to do, but I didn't feel like it really meant anything.
  • coolitic
    Andromeda and Just Cause 3...

    Yeeaahhh but no. You know this article isn't good if it includes those two, probably getting paid or something...
  • envy14tpe
    PUBG is gonna get added. And what about the new Battlefield, BF1.
  • grozzie
    What about DIABLO III?

    OK I expect to be slammed - but it's still a fantastic game and I love playing it!
  • Malik 722
    i don't know about the rest of the world but the bio shock 2,3 and assasins creed revelations and rouge were the best.
  • Xavier_Abii
    Andromeda is on this list? I thought this was a list of the BEST games not unbelievably disappointing. This article is obviously a load of crock lol.
  • joshyboy82
    I bought and beat with all expansions, Fallout 3, three times. First on Xbox360, Second Windows Live Games, Third on Steam. I never felt that level of enjoyment in FO4.

    Also, I'd like to second darth_adversor. I had more fun in Oblivion. The selling point of skyrim was Dragons, but after the first 2 or 3, you want them to go away forever.
  • SBMfromLA
    Yesterday, Amazon lowered the price on a number of games including the new Mass Effect Andromeda to $30. I ordered that from their Prime Now site since I had a $10 Rewards credit and it came with free Same Day Shipping. I made off good.. only paying $20. They also had Just Cause 3 for under $15 with the JC3 DLC for $6.24.
  • daglesj
    Anonymous said:
    I am! That's impressive! Do you still have a job!?!

    Ha yes I do.

    That's since last October. I usually play weekends and I don't go to bed till 2am so I play it when the GF goes to bed from 11pm till 2am a few nights a week. Soon racks up.
  • bit_user
    Not to hate on gaming, but isn't anyone the slightest bit bothered that all the challenges and obstacles you're overcoming and rewards you're gaining are not only artificial, but even sometimes carefully measured to maximize the addictive effect?

    I specifically avoided MMORPGs, like WoW, because I predicted I'd get sucked in and become a 40+ hours/week gamer. I already have one full-time job, thank you.

    Not that I never play games, but only stuff I can pick up for a few hours and not play again for a couple months.
  • bit_user
    Anonymous said:
    Anonymous said:
    I am! That's impressive! Do you still have a job!?!

    Ha yes I do.

    That's since last October. I usually play weekends and I don't go to bed till 2am so I play it when the GF goes to bed ...

    Do you still have a GF!?!

    ... I kid.
    ; )
  • bak0n
    Heh, Not a list for me. Xcom I'll get 30 to 40 hours out of. I'm almost 1800 hours into ARK Survival Evolved. My kids spend that much time on Minecraft.
  • synphul
    The nice thing is the diversity in gaming compared to where it used to be. We're not stuck solely on 2d playing fields or limited screens like centipede (shoot the dots as they drop down), pacman (collect the dots through a maze), pong (bounce the dot back and forth) lol.

    There are fast paced racing games, involved mentally challenging games like minecraft or civilization, open world fantasy games like skyrim/witcher, multiplayer team games, war games etc. It's not always about the absolute best game, it's whatever folks enjoy playing. "Best" is often subjective and everyone has different tastes.
  • Dunlop0078
    Good list. I would replace fallout 4 with new vegas and Andromeda with any other mass effect game personally.
  • Jester Maroc
    I wouldn't be surprised to see a totally different list if it were to be based on hours played on Steam, so it makes me wonder how this list would compare...

    Multiplayer trumps single player in terms of replay-ability every single time, so I wonder why there are no MOBA's or E-sport titles on this list.
  • Boof
    Where is "World Of Warcraft"?
    If Skyrim and such games are here..where is WoW? I have like 2000 days total played in that game, and it is still going strong...
  • problematiq
    hmm.. you forgot Factorio, and Mount and Blade: Warbands.