Best Games With The Most Playable Hours

#5: Civilization IV

You can trace some of the features in Civilization VI, such as Civics and Religion, to its origins in Civilization IV. Civics allow you to specialize your civilization's output such as labor or military might, and Religion was another method of spreading your culture to rival cities, which was helpful if you wanted to win via Culture points. However, those who prefer warfare can find some unique advantages within the game as well. For example, one tile on the map has the ability to house a plethora of units, which made it easy to lay siege on a rival city. It was highly exploited to the point that its sequel, Civilization V, removed the feature entirely to limit the number of units available for your war campaign.

Aside from the base game, there are two expansions that add more content to the game, such as vassal states, new civilizations, random events, and espionage. If that's not enough for you, there are many mods available that ushers in new gameplay changes, civilizations, or scenarios. All this content fills the need for "just one more turn" to the brim and then some.

#4: Fallout 4

War never changes, but the setting for Bethesda’s post-nuclear wasteland does. In addition to a shift in scenery, Fallout 4 brings new features, most notably the ability to create your own settlements and customize your weapons. These two additions alone are the subject of multiple mods created by the game’s fans. With a massive house and vast arsenal at your disposal, you’re free to wander the Commonwealth Wasteland to gather collectibles and recruit settlers while also eliminating the scourge of mutated creatures that roam the wilderness.

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#3: Grand Theft Auto V

The story of Grand Theft Auto V is told through three main characters, and it’s through the eyes of these men that you’ll rediscover Los Santos and its surrounding areas. However, the story is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the overall gameplay experience.

The rest of it is found online, where you play with friends or strangers to take the game world by storm. You can participate in races, go head-to-head against other players, or even try out bank heists to get some fast cash. When you want to relax, there’s real estate to buy or vehicles to purchase (or steal) to stock your growing garage.

Rockstar continues to add more content to the online experience, which ensures that you’ll have more things to do in the hectic online world of Los Santos.

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#2: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This is the third title by Bethesda to make the list, but just like Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is still a popular game thanks to the plethora of available mods. The Special Editionof the game, which came out last year, is a 64-bit program, which means that it can utilize more than 4GB of RAM. This increase in memory allows modders to create better versions of their existing enhancements to the game, which means that you can appreciate the world of Skyrim with better visuals, additional quests, and other features that add to the base experience.

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#1: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is at the top of this list because of its massive and open world, which is rich with monsters and an abundance of quests to keep you busy for days. The final chapter to Geralt of Rivia's story is also full of new characters as well as old friends from previous games in the series. To craft potions, weapons, and armor, you need to gather plenty of resources from shops, plants, and monsters. If you want to take a break from the main story, you can try your hand at the card game called Gwent.

Even after you put hundreds of hours into the main game, there are still two additional expansions to the game to extend your journey even further. All of the previous titles on the list are worthy of hundreds of hours of playtime, but as our community pointed out with this list, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt deserves the most attention of all.

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  • Aidan8352
    I totally agree with this list
  • daglesj
    Erm I'd add in Eve Online to that. I would also add I have 757 hours on Fallout 4. I'm not proud of it though.
  • AlphaRAM01
    I am! That's impressive! Do you still have a job!?!
  • darth_adversor
    Disappointed to see Skyrim on the list. Love TES, but I found Skyrim to be lifeless and boring. Sure, there's a lot to do, but I didn't feel like it really meant anything.
  • coolitic
    Andromeda and Just Cause 3...

    Yeeaahhh but no. You know this article isn't good if it includes those two, probably getting paid or something...
  • envy14tpe
    PUBG is gonna get added. And what about the new Battlefield, BF1.
  • grozzie
    What about DIABLO III?

    OK I expect to be slammed - but it's still a fantastic game and I love playing it!
  • Malik 722
    i don't know about the rest of the world but the bio shock 2,3 and assasins creed revelations and rouge were the best.
  • Xavier_Abii
    Andromeda is on this list? I thought this was a list of the BEST games not unbelievably disappointing. This article is obviously a load of crock lol.
  • joshyboy82
    I bought and beat with all expansions, Fallout 3, three times. First on Xbox360, Second Windows Live Games, Third on Steam. I never felt that level of enjoyment in FO4.

    Also, I'd like to second darth_adversor. I had more fun in Oblivion. The selling point of skyrim was Dragons, but after the first 2 or 3, you want them to go away forever.