'XCOM: Long War' Developers Working On Mods For 'XCOM 2'

One of the most popular mods for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is XCOM: Long War. A complete overhaul of the base game and its expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within, Long War was downloaded nearly 700,000 times. Due to its immense popularity, Firaxis Games, the team behind the new XCOM 2, is bringing the mod’s developers, Long War Studios, on board to work on mods for the upcoming sequel.

Long War Studios will be in familiar territory, as it will be working on multiple mods for the game. During the development of XCOM: Long War, the modders had some consultation from some employees at Firaxis Games. Now, the team will have more resources at its disposal with direct access to various elements in XCOM 2.

XCOM: The Long War was a grand undertaking. In addition to extending the original campaign with more missions, the mod also created more soldier classes, new perks, tougher enemies and a larger arsenal of weapons. The beta version of the mod started in March 2014, and version 1.0 was released less than a month ago on Dec. 28. With Long War finished, the modding team launched Long War Studios. In addition to modding work on XCOM 2, the new company is breaking ground on a completely new game, a sci-fi grand strategy title called Terra Invicta.

Additional details weren’t provided for Long War Studios’ work in XCOM 2. However, you won’t have to wait long for more details about its work and the game’s overall mod support feature. John Lumpkin, the head of design at Long War Studios, will discuss those exact topics next week at PAX South in San Antonio. The following week, Feb. 5 to be exact, XCOM 2 will be available for PC players.

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  • thundervore
    I loved playing that map against Exalt I just camp my sniper at the starting point and run over with mimetic skin assaults and take out every one in the store, then wait for reinforcements.
  • FinalDrive
    I hope this means they are allowing the game to be community modded more easily than EU/EW.
  • RedJaron
    I wasn't aware of this mod. Looks like I'll need to check it out.