An Exclusive Peek Inside Tom's Hardware's Offices

At the Tom's Hardware offices, we spend day and night (often) coming up with cool hardware and tech articles for your reading pleasure. We've been doing it for a long time and there's a very laborious process in how we find, develop, and produce the articles you love to read. So just for today, we're giving you an exclusive sneak peak into how things roll here, at Tom's Hardware.

So how does the entire process work?

In the mornings, we roll out of bed, do our morning duties and get ready for a long day at the office. Here's a look at what the office actually looks like:

You can immediately see that we get to the office quite early in the mornings, and in this particular shot, there are already people waiting outside for someone with a key to let them in. Once things start rolling and everyone's filled with energy, it can get pretty busy, often turning into a zoo full of writers. The entire team gets pumped, and the drilling sound of keyboard clicks can be heard from even those standing outside looking in.

But it doesn't stop there. Other team members will stroll through the office during all hours of the day. Here's photo showing two Tom's Hardware hardware testers arriving now:

Often, we'll even put up signs for visitors, telling them of our preferred dress code, which is usually a black turtle neck and blue jeans. It's the de-facto standard for working in the press industry!

So where do all the cool articles get produced? In our APPL, or Article Production and Producing Lab of course:

We have rooms and rooms filled with industry standard computers, where our legion of writers spend most of their working hours. They'll call up companies, scour for details, collaborate on information and type aware tirelessly--all in the effort of getting information to you! Some key details about our APPLs are that every computer comes with a standard one-button mouse. Why? It helps keep writers on their toes.

Forget right-click-Undo! Just, don't make mistakes!
Don't right-click-copy and paste! Us devoted writers use Command+C then Command+V!

Luckily, the game testing lab does come with multi-button mice. But you know, that just makes things too easy.

The server room!

Then comes the server room. This super high security room is guarded 24-7 by no less than 69 cameras. They're not really connected to anything for actual monitoring, but it does intimidate would-be thieves and no-do-gooders. Check out the following photo of all the incredible high-performance servers:

The epitome of high-performance server computing!

After a hard day's work, all the writers make a mad rush for the door. There's no telling what can happen at going home time and people often get trampled over. And because our doors are all glass, at times there are few who run straight into them.

Working remotely from home! (Or going home and continuing to work)

So what about the folks that work remotely from home? Like our managing editor, Chris Angelini? Without a doubt, Chris keeps only top-notch hardware at home for the latest testing and benchmarking, using incredible high-performance games like Sim City 4. Check out his a photo of his home work station:

There's no doubt that the workstation setup he has going above is the absolute best on the market. The pinnacle of performance. The height of high-tech. The grand setup of gaming rigs. Lest there be any doubt, the above is the best you can get on the market!

But... can it play Crysis?


  • mi1ez
    ho ho ho
  • teodoreh
    April 1st?! ;D
  • dan117
    Is this an April Fools' joke? I thought it was just an apartment with a few people and lots of hardware... a few Fermi cards are enough to keep you warm in winter.
  • footsoldier
  • JMcEntegart
    I knew working remotely would be the right choice.
  • Cwize1
    I am not a fan of those all in one macs. Maybe the ones I used at uni are just old.

    If someone told me they only had 1 button mice available for me to work on, I would sneak in my MS 5 button mouse. Somethings about macs are just stupid and that is one of them.

    Also haven't you heard on Control-Z. My fingers sure have. I can press it blindfolded.
  • that sucks. apple insider watermark on "server room" image, all macs, Steve chatting with a guy...

    be smarter next year, guys
  • xyster
    and in reality.... oh my.

    nice touch tuan.
  • peacock
    kozyadamthat sucks. apple insider watermark on "server room" image, all macs, Steve chatting with a smarter next year, guysDid you even read the article? it's just a playful April Fool's joke. Or did you just see Apple something and wanted to rage about it?
  • randomizer
    kozyadamthat sucks. apple insider watermark on "server room" image, all macs, Steve chatting with a smarter next year, guys