QOTD: What Do You Mainly Use Your PC For?

We all use computers daily. Some of us are very mobile with our computing, preferring to stay on a laptop to do business. Some of us, build our own computers so we can customize it and get the most for our money.

The face of computing has changed a lot in recent years too. Everything's going social. More and more games are going online. However:

The question of the day is: What do you mainly use your PC for?

Gaming? Work? Movies? Design? Let us know!

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  • caiusmartius123
    team fortress 2

  • the_ub
    porn and pc games...
  • Regected
    Gaming, porn, Hulu, news, porn, youtube, research, porn and school work.
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  • Anonymous
    Reading the latest news on "Toms Hardware"
    Okay, where is my prize.
  • jcknouse
    The simple answer: everything :lol:

    Mainly...really research. Finding recipes, reading tech info, etc.
  • rodney_ws
    Mainly, my home PC is a social tool. It obviously is used for other tasks, but primarily that's what it is.