QOTD: What Do You Mainly Use Your PC For?

We all use computers daily. Some of us are very mobile with our computing, preferring to stay on a laptop to do business. Some of us, build our own computers so we can customize it and get the most for our money.

The face of computing has changed a lot in recent years too. Everything's going social. More and more games are going online. However:

The question of the day is: What do you mainly use your PC for?

Gaming? Work? Movies? Design? Let us know!

  • Reading the latest news on "Toms Hardware"
    Okay, where is my prize.
  • jcknouse
    The simple answer: everything :lol:

    Mainly...really research. Finding recipes, reading tech info, etc.
  • rodney_ws
    Mainly, my home PC is a social tool. It obviously is used for other tasks, but primarily that's what it is.
  • leo2kp
    I use mine for gaming, watcing movies, creating sound files (ring tones, etc), listening to music, and right now I'm creating a slideshow for my wedding :)
  • caiusmartius123
    team fortress 2

  • Gaming, Family picture/video editing/saving, music, work (programming + office apps).
  • Blessedman
    Code + Games + Content Creation
  • the_ub
    porn and pc games...
  • PrangeWay
    I hare a work pc (at home), a gaming pc and a media pc. So pretty much everything that my life entails involves my pc's in some way. Also that definetly files me into "nerdy pc geek" category, but hey nerds are now cool! Oh and my smartphone to, anything the computers do it is my mobile version of :)
  • geminireaper
    PC Gaming