QOTD: What Speakers Do You Use for Your PC?

While CPUs, GPUs and other components of a computer have come a long way and continually move at a face pace, computer speakers haven't evolved too much over the past several years. But, that's the nature of sound.

Sound cards themselves, haven't developed much recently either. With onboard sound the norm, and Creative not doing much, we've pretty much reached a plateau in the growth curve. However, that's not to say you can improve your listening experience with a great set of speakers. For me, I attach the digital output from my sound card into a receiver. From there, I use a customized home theater setup.

The question of the day is: What speakers do you use for your PC?

2? 2.1? 5.1? 7.1?--Or something even more insane?

I remember attaching my first pair of Labtec speakers back in the early 486 days, when the term "multimedia" just started becoming popular. It put such a smile on my face to have real sound coming out of my computer, instead of just those lame beeps. Sometimes though, I miss those beeps!

  • Klipsch Pro-Media 2.1
    Best ever!
  • Logitech Z-5500 ftw

    paired with Auzentech prelude sound card
  • antiacid
    I used to have 4.0 altec lansing (from the early 2000's) and recently moved to a pair of Polk Audio rti a9 and eD a2-300 sub for 2.1 sound system plugged into a Yamaha rx-v663 through optic cable (the sound card is a fatal1ty x-fi). Soon there'll be a pari of rti a3 for the rears and a csi a6 for the center channel. That should last me a while ;)
  • rodney_ws
    Altec Lansing. Hey, it's a laptop... I gots no choice! That said... for a laptop, they sound ok. 4 speakers + subwoofer... no, I don't rattle the walls, but it's adequate for what I do.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    I use my old amp and speakers from the 5.1 surround setup I used to have in my lounge. Its nothing special and was an all-in-one kit (Sony HT-6500D) about six years ago but the sound qualities good. I only use the front three speakers and the sub though.

    When I needed new speakers for my computer I figured I'd rather put the money towards a really nice new kit for the lounge.
  • MoUsE-WiZ
    Speakers? I use a headset. I blame the growing popularity of vent for this; people with speakers are annoying on vent, nobody wants to hear your game sounds.
  • I have some awesome JBL Near-Field monitors. Kind of over kill for a computer, but essential for a music studio.
  • dravis12
    Genius SW-i 2.1 with X-fi sound card.
  • jeremyrailton
    A Sony shelf system I bought years ago. Sounds great!
  • Creative SoundBlaster Live 24-Bit external tied to my toshiba tablet, piping the audio out to a Sharp stereo reciever with two Yorx S57 speakers (40w per channel) and a Pioneer 10in 100w subwoofer.