Tom's Hardware Forum Adds Categories for Raspberry Pi, PSUs, More

The Tom’s Hardware Community has been around for the better part of two decades. During that time we’ve seen the forum grow and flourish into a massive community of over two million hardware enthusiasts. At the beginning of this year we completed a huge migration to a new forum platform, and with it a new reputation system.

Now it's time for some new forum categories! After much feedback from our forum users, we have decided the time is right to introduce new forum topic categories and retire others that were created for what are now legacy products.

Some of the new categories are based on longtime requests from our users, while the new Raspberry Pi category is the result of relatively recent developments in the industry (and increased coverage from the editorial side). The new forum categories are as follows:

To paraphrase Uncle Ben, “with great categories, comes great responsibility...” to post. So get in there and fill those new topics up with great content!

Questions? Comments? Let us know! We opened a thread in the forums to discuss your feedback for the forum category overhaul, linked here.


The Tom’s Hardware Community Team