OCZ Launches ARC 100 Series Mainstream SSDs

OCZ introduced the ARC 100, a new family of 2.5-inch SATA 3 (6 Gbps) SSDs that are based on Toshiba's "next generation" A19 nm NAND Flash. This new family is focused on the mainstream consumer as an affordable hard drive replacement for notebooks, home desktops and budget system configurations, and it will become available sometime over the next several weeks in capacities of 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB.

According to OCZ, the 480 GB model has a max read speed of 490 MB/s and a max write speed of 450 MB/s. The 240 GB version has a max read/write speed of 480 MB/s and 430 MB/s, respectively, and the 120 GB model has a max read/write speed of 475 MB/s and 395 MB/s. All three have a max random read IOPS of 75,000 and max random write IOPS of 80,000.

This new series includes OCZ's proprietary Barefoot 3 M10 controller, 256-bit AES-compliant encryption, SMART monitoring, and an endurance of 20 GB/day of host writes for three years under a normal, everyday workload. When sitting idle, the SSD consumes 0.6 watts of power, and 3.45 watts when it's active.

The ARC 100 comes with what the company calls a "ShieldPlus Warranty." In essence, customers don't need their receipt when contacting customer support for issues. Instead, they merely provide their ARC serial number. If the SSD is defective, OCZ will send the customer a new model of the same capacity. Customers then send their defective drive back to the manufacturer using a pre-paid shipping label.

"The new ARC Series represents an excellent value for consumers as it leverages the proven in-house controller and firmware platforms found in our award-winning Vertex and Vector Series SSDs to deliver exceptional performance, robust features and high reliability that everyday users demand," said Ralph Schmitt, CEO of OCZ Storage Solutions.

Although the ARC 100 Series isn't listed on OCZ's website as of this writing, the pricing is $74.99 for the 120 GB model, $119.99 for the 240 GB model and $239.99 for the 480 GB model.

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  • falchard
    Nice price $1 per GB. Used to be $4 per GB.
  • TrigZ
    the pricing is $74.99 for the 120 GB model, $119.99 for the 240 GB model and $239.99 for the 480 GB mode

    Uh, its ~$0.50 per GB.....
  • ickibar1234
    How long is the shieldplus warranty? Is it 3 years or is it valid until you reach the # of TB written threshold?