Dinobot Transformer Goes From T-Rex to Mouse

Yesterday we brought you images of awesome Ravage Transformer USB drive. Today we bring you another melding of Transformers and computer technology with the Trypticon Decepticon command base and Grimlock Dinobot, which both transform from Tyrannosaurs into mice.

While both look far less like their classic Transformer counterparts than Ravage, it’s still more than enough to tickle the nostalgic parts of us.

With three buttons and an 800 dpi sensor, it’s not a lot of mouse for the money at $60 – but if you’ve gotta have it, it’ll be shipping in September.

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  • tenor77
    Damn you Marcus. My savings account hates you!

    Keep this up and my entire computer will soon be made of transformers. Any word on a transformers case by chance? If not I see a void to be filled.
  • cheepstuff
    i was just using my mouse... and then it turned into a monster and bit my hand off... :p
  • jwl3
    Trypticon was an awesome robot. I remember seeing it at Toys R Us and desperately wanting it.

    I did have Grimlock which was awesome too.