Dozens of Intel H670, B660 and H610 Motherboards Leak

Gigabyte Z690 DS3H DDR4 (No Gen 5 Support)
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Popular Twitter hardware leaker @momomo_us, has just shared an image of over 50 new motherboard models based on Intel's H670, B660, and H610 chipsets. The board's models come from Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock, MSI, and Biostar and come in all standard form factors.

H670, B660, and B610 are part of Intel's newer budget-friendly offerings for the new Alder Lake platform. The biggest differentiation between the three is connectivity, with H670 bringing the most amount of PCIe lanes and USB ports. B660 lands in the middle with decent connectivity, and H610 is as you might expect, the worst with very little connectivity and lacks any CPU PCie lanes for NVME SSDs. To read more about the differences check out our previous coverage of the H670, B660 and H610 chipsets.


Asus appears to have 22 motherboards on the list, consisting of 15 B660 boards, four H610M models, and just three H670 boards. There will be 4 B660 ROG Strix models in the mix, including a -I, -A, -G, and -F. The -A model will have DDR4 support. The -I should be one of Asus' only mini-itx B660 boards on the market for now.

For TUF models, Asus will have three specifically for B660, the B660-Plus WiFi D4, B660M-Plus WiFi D4, and B660M-Plus D4. As the name implies all these boards will have DDR4 support, with the M in some nothing a Micro ATX form factor.

But by far the most amount of B660 boards belong to Asus' Prime brand, with five B660 boards you'll be able to choose from. There's the B660M-A WiFi D4, B660-A AC D4, B660M-A D4, B660M-K D4, and the B660-Plus D4. 

All of these boards will be Micro ATX, with the exception of the Plus model, and all will come with DDR4 support, which makes sense considering how expensive and hard to find DDR5 is right now.

To round off the final B660 boards, there's an EX-B660M-V5 D4, and Pro B660M-C D4 that don't belong in any particular sub-brand from Asus.

As for Asus' H670 models (assuming this leak is the full list) all the company appears to be producing in the near future are three boards: the TUF Gaming H670-Pro WiFi D4, Prime H670-Plus D4, and Pro Q670M-C. 

This is not too surprising; with how close H670 is in feature set to the Z690 platform, there's not really a lot of market adoption for this chipset. This has also been true of previous H series chipset, where Intel's more value-oriented B-series chipset motherboards have almost always proven to be more popular.

According to this leak, Asus will be making four H610 chipset motherboards, and all of them will be DDR4 and Micro ATX. Three of these will be Prime boards: the H610M-A D4, -D D4, and -E D4. Finally, there's the EX-H610M-V3 D4.


MSI has the biggest amount of boards in the list, consisting of 24 motherboards, all of them equipped with the B660 chipset. We suspect MSI might be delaying motherboard production of its H670 and H610 boards for a later time, which would explain why MSI only has B660 motherboards on the list.

There will be eight B660 motherboards in MSI's MAG lineup: four Mortar motherboards, two Bazooka boards and two Tomahawk boards. The main differences seem likely to be DDR4 support or DDR5 support. All Tomahawk models will come with WiFi support, and two of the Mortar boards will come with WiFi as well. If history repeats itself, then the Mortar and Bazooka lineups will be Micro ATX only, with the Tomahawks being full ATX.

The largest amount of B660 board models in MSI's lineup belong to the PRO series, with thirteen boards you'll be able to choose from. They consist of -A, -G, -E and -C models with both DDR4 support, DDR5 support, and some having Wi-Fi support as well. All the models are Micro ATX, with the exception of the B660-A.

The remaining three in MSI's list include the B660M Bomber and B660M Plus. These should also be Micro ATX, and the Bomber board has a DDR4 version as well. 


According to the list, Gigabyte has 13 boards in all, with four being H610 and the rest featuring the B660 chipsets. 

The Gigabyte B660 lineup will seemingly consist of five Gaming X boards. Three of the five boards are Micro ATX, with those supporting DDR4. The standard ATX B660 Gaming X will feature both DDR5 and DDR4 models instead. The downside is a lack of any built in Wi-Fi support, which the Micro ATX boards come with.

The remining list of B660 Gigabyte boards are the company's entry level offerings, the D3H DDR4, DS3H AX DDR4, HD3P, and the D2H DDR4. The HD3P should be the cheapest board you can get from Gigabyte that features DDR5 support. All these boards are Micro ATX, as well.

Finally we have four H610 boards, the H610M H DDR4, H610M S2H DDR4, H610M S2 DDR4, and the H610I DDR4.


ASRock is the only other company in this list, besides Asus, to feature H670 boards as well as B660 and H610. There are 14 ASRock motherboards in the list in all, with three being H670, eight being B660 and the final three consisting of H610 boards.

The three H670 boards are the H670 Steel Legend, H670M Pro RS, and the H670M-ITX/ac. The latter is the only H670 ITX board on the entire list.

For B660 boards, ASRock has two Steel Legend boards on the list, one ATX and one micro-ATX. The rest include the following, Pro RS, HDVP/D5, HDV, C, ITX/ac. All of these boards are Micro ATX, with the exception of the ITX/ac and Pro RS which has both a ATX and Micro ATX model. Then of course, the B660M-ITX/ac is indeed another ITX motherboard. If ASRock's new model names are correct, then the HDVP/D5 could be the only DDR5-supported B660 board. By the model names alone, it's not clear if the Steel Legend models use DDR5 or not.

Finally we have three H610 boards, the HDVP/D5, HDV/M.2 and HDV. As the name implies, one has DDR5 support, one has M.2 and the other lacks both features.


Last but not least, we have Biostar, with just two B660 motherboards on the list, the GTA and GTN. Their model names don't really denote anything special, so we have no idea if they will pack DDR5 or DDR4 support or what form factor they will come in.

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