Intel’s Weird New Unlocked Rocket Lake i9 Packaging Revealed

Intel Core i9 Packaging
(Image credit: Vassi Tech @ YouTube)

A YouTuber by the name of Vassi Tech has received his unlocked Core i9 Intel Rocket Lake desktop CPU a week prior to the official launch, which means we have new unboxing footage showing off Intel’s weird new packaging and what you can expect to get with your chip. 

Vassi Tech unboxed is the Core i9-11900K, which is the top-of-the-line Rocket Lake CPU, and it has a box to match. While a post from Intel shows that other Rocket Lake boxes will have typical rectangular shapes, the i9-11900K instead has a jagged, angular outer appearance with stylized transparent plastic that resembles an iceberg on the inside. 

This marks the latest in a trend within Intel’s latest processor generations to make the box for its best CPU stand out visually. Note the trapezoidal elements in the i9-10900K box or the d20 look on the i9-9900K box.

Aside from the box design, there’s not too much else here to surprise you. You will get some stickers with the new Intel logo on them and an instruction booklet with your processor, but don’t expect a free cooler or the like because Intel doesn't include a cooler with its unlocked chips.

If you’re a collector, though, the box definitely stands out. Especially since the top of the box mentions that Intel is an official partner of the Olympics, which is a bit amusing to see as the fate of the Tokyo Olympics is still uncertain after the pandemic. 

Michelle Ehrhardt

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