USB-IF Announces New Audio/Video and Power Spec

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has released the new spec to enable the transfer of A/V signals as well as power over one USB cable.

“This addition further establishes USB as an all-inclusive, comprehensive solution for manufacturers and consumers, while maintaining the affordability and ease-of-use that have made USB so successful," said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President and COO in a prepared statement. "Continued USB advancements along with the technology’s scalability pave the road ahead for USB.”

There was no detailed information as to the USB-IF's intent to directly compete with HDMI, how it will be positioning USB-IF A/V, and what hardware is necessary and what content protection technologies may be included. Judging by the press release, however, the organization is shooting for a complete market coverage as it sees the spec as a solution for consumers "with a myriad of use cases."

There appears to be serious interest behind this technology and an approach to create incentives for manufacturers as the licensing of the spec is provided on a "on a reciprocal, zero-royalty basis."

  • xx_pemdas_xx
    Sweet! this is going to be nice.
  • applefairyboy
    God bless us, Everyone! - Tiny Tim
  • Dacatak
    I can't wait until everything is connected by USB and HDBaseT.

    HDMI and HDCP can go die in a fire.
  • chumly
    I want one wire for EVERYTHING. Make that.
  • burnley14
    Pretty crazy how quickly cable/port technology is evolving. Just a few years ago I was excited that HDMI was readily available and provided a high quality, simple interface for both audio and video, which was unheard of at that time. Pretty soon everything will be connected by USB. I like how that sounds.
  • darkavenger123
    The ultimate cable tech will be wireless...where even power can be transfered over the air....just hopefully nobody gets zap in between transmitting and receiving end....haha.

    btw, what happened to Displayport, anyone remembers?
  • de5_Roy
    looks like usb 3.0 will spread faster in pcs (not macs) before thunderbolt does. oh wait, usb 3.0 is already in a lot of pcs. :)
  • dalethepcman
    provided on a "on a reciprocal
    double type

    On topic, after this is implemented if they make a usb to hdmi converter that would kick ass!
  • LuckyDucky7
    So... is USB 3.0 actually fast enough now to transfer full HD video and audio? It gives only half the speed that HDMI can give in its latest incarnation.

    But please... USB instead of HDMI.
    We want an open standard that won't support DRM.

    Speaking of DisplayPort, I think that one's going to be relegated to laptops in the screen-board interlink. Because LVDS badly needs an update and a standard. Otherwise HDMI it is.
  • dotaloc
    I've still seen displayport...mostly on lower end amd platforms.