Sony Debuts New Vaio Flip Convertible Line of Notebooks

IFA 2013 doesn't actually start until tomorrow but we've already been inundated with announcements from companies with new products. The barrage of electronics continues with Sony's new fall line up of Vaio-branded computers.

Sony has decided to go down the convertible road this year with the introduction of the Sony Vaio Flip PC. The Vaio Flip is available in 13-inch, 14-inch and 15-inch variations and packs Intel's 4th generation Haswell CPUs (Core i7) and SSD storage as standard on the 13-inch model (up to 512 GB). The 14-inch comes with optional hybrid storage (up to 1TB Hybrid HDD or Up to 512GB SSD) and the hybrid storage is standard on the 15-inch model. There's also optional Nvidia GeForce GT 735M (2GB) on the 15-inch model. All models feature 1,920 x 1,080 IPS displays but the 15-inch model can be bumped to 2880x1620. As the name suggests, there's a little something different going on with the screen.

The Vaio Flip actually 'converts' to a tablet, with the display flipping backwards and the keyboard acting as a stand. This flipping action is activated via an unlock switch on the laptop. Once the user slides this to the unlock position and pushes on the display, the entire panel will flip backwards (thanks to a hinge about halfway down the lid) with the bottom half leaving its frame and moving upward.

Sony is keeping quiet on U.S. pricing and availability but we'll keep you posted.

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  • stevejnb
    Neat form factor, but my general experience with Sony products is that they have very nice products that they horrifically overprice. Again, neat looking product and I think that form factor would be neat to use, but... When I can get a Windows 8 tablet with an i5 starting at a bit over $600 and then slap a Bluetooth keyboard on it for another $50, how much are they going to charge for this thing?
  • JMcEntegart
    @stevejnb: Therein lies the rub. It seems a lot of companies debuting products at IFA aren't talking pricing and availability. It's hugely disappointing. Without pricing, it's hard to get excited about these products. The price really puts the entire device in context.

    Thanks for reading, by the way! :)
  • deftonian
    I still like ASUS's vision of a tablet with a docking station keyboard. I think that is the best fit for the Tablet/Laptop market. The keyboard docking station should have the things such as ports, added battery, added HDD space, etc... while the tablet should house the OS.

    I think saying this "converts" to a tablet is incorrect since a tablet is an AIO device, while this is just a flip screen. You cannot remove the screen and go mobile with it, just flip it backwards and use the keyboard as a stand.
  • robochump
    Looks like a MacBook Air and Windows Surface had a baby.
  • BringMeAnother
    Let's see,

    Greater than 1080p screen: check
    Larger screen than all the other 13in: check
    Haswell: check
    Slate mode: check
    Active digitizer: check

    Well, this has everything on my personal checklist for my new workstation. The only minor thing is that the pen is N-Trig, not Wacom, but that's alright. I hope this will be available for Canada.
  • JPNpower
    I mostly buy the best PC's and use it for the better part of a decade. My Vaio has served me well with its "overpriced" quality. I Think I'll buy this to replace it