First Batch Of Sony 'Vote To Play' Titles Revealed For PS Plus Subscribers

At the end of July, Sony announced that it's adding a new feature for PlayStation Plus subscribers called Vote to Play, which would allow players to vote for one game to be added to the monthly lineup of free games. Starting on August 13, the new feature will begin, allowing players to choose a new addition to September's Instant Game collection.

Combining RPG elements, along with board game-based gameplay and the use of cards, Armello puts players in a fantasy setting as they follow the orders of their king and take out various enemies throughout the kingdom. You can also explore around the area for rewards as well as challenge other players to determine the best army on the battlefield.

From fantasy, we move onto an alien planet. Grow Home introduces BUD, or Botanical Utility Droid, who can grow an immense plant called the Star Plant. After growing it to massive heights, the player can climb it in order to reach BUD's starship so that he can give his home planet the necessary lifeblood to thrive and be habitable. On the way, the robot has to traverse multiple environments such as islands and caves, all of which require the help of the Star Planet in order to traverse long distances and treacherous areas.

Finally, there's Zombie Vikings, a four-player co-op side-scrolling adventure. Players will pick a character and choose a variety of swords to fight their way through a horde of monsters across a variety of Viking-themed levels with an undead twist. It will include 30 levels and promises over 10 hours of gameplay.

The voting process starts on August 13 at 8:30am PDT. Players will have less than two weeks to choose their game before the 8:30am PDT deadline on August 24. Once the numbers are crunched, a winner will be revealed and added as a free game in September. The runner-up game is available for purchase, but will receive a significant discount for finishing second place.

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  • kawininjazx
    I don't want to play any of these.
  • jaber2
    This voting thing is worse than the elections in Iran
  • plasmastorm
    After watching those 3 videos I'm glad I don't pay for the plus service.
    You don't buy a PS4 to play android/ios quality games like those.......