Windows Laptop Makes Appearance on 30 Rock

Sick and tired of seeing that glowing Apple logo on the back of the laptops that you see on TV shows and movies? Well then, perhaps Microsoft is trying to turn things around with a Windows-branded machine that appeared in a recent episode of NBC's 30 Rock.

As seen in screen captures sent to istartedsomething, characters used a black notebook with a Windows logo adorned on the back of the screen to design a super microwave (which eventually evolved into a car).

Of course, there is no Windows-branded laptop, but the reverse angle reveals that the black notebook was actually a Lenovo ThinkPad W500.

Now with the news that Microsoft is selling "Signature PCs," which are actually just specially configured Sony, HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo machines, do you think that there should eventually be a Windows-branded PC available from the Microsoft Store?

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  • ominous prime
    It's doubtful that Windows will make their own PC's, it would hurt dell/sony/hp etc. If anything they'll do what they are now, selling Sony/hp/dell. The point of Windows is that it can run on any system configuration unlike Mac.
  • Glorian
    Looks nice, Sleek and black ftw.
  • touchdowntexas13
    Um i say keep all of your time invested in developing quality operating systems. I know that competition drives down costs for the consumer, but there are already plenty of pre-built brands out there.

    We don't want you turning into apple now...