Windows 7 Build 7600 Leaked; RTM Suspected

Last week we heard from multiple sources that Microsoft was aiming to bring Windows 7 to RTM on July 13. Now that the day is here, some are waiting for Microsoft to announce the completion of its next operating system.

Interestingly enough, over the weekend a new build of Windows 7 leaked out, bearing the build number of 7600 (the exact build string is "7600.16384.090710-1945," according to GeekSmack). While a leaked build isn't an uncommon occurrence, the last known builds that were leaked were from the 7200 series. The major jump in version has some speculating that it's the RTM build.

Microsoft will be kicking off today its Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans. If there were to be an announcement regarding Windows 7, that's where it'll happen.

Hitting RTM will allow Microsoft to disseminate the final version of Windows to its computer-making partners for even broader testing and integration, with the goal of having all OEMs ready to sell Windows 7-loaded computers on October 22.

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  • volks1470
    geez, 7600...makes the RC build 7100 seem pretty insignificant...
  • cadder
    I've just started playing with RC1, too bad it's probably too late to give them feedback.

    To me their new Explorer is hard to use.
    1. The symbols and fonts don't show up as well as with XP, and the small symbols are harder to hit with the mouse or touchpad.
    2. Adding favorites and libraries and so forth just makes it more complicated to me. I was fine with "my documents" under XP, with Vista it started getting more complicated, with W7 it is even more complicated. I would rather organize my files and folders my own way.

    I've already paid my $50 and pre-ordered so I'll have it for better or for worse.
  • socrates047
    cadderAdding favorites and libraries and so forth just makes it more complicated.

    you said it bro! I totally think there should be a better filing sysytem for personal files... especially if someone has several hard-drives or partitions waiting to be filled that are not the Local C drive.