Windows 7 RC Update to Shoot Blanks Soon

Starting May 12, Microsoft will begin testing the automatic update functionality of Windows 7 by rolling out ‘sterile’ updates that will do nothing to alter the operating system.

“We need to verify the update infrastructure to ensure that when we need to release real updates, the process will run smoothly. There will be at most 10 updates, and as before, they will not deliver any new features or fixes,” read an update on TechNet.

Most of the updates will be automatic, but some will require specific user action to install.

“One of the updates will test a new update notification feature that provides detailed information about available updates that need to be installed manually. Windows 7 RC users will be prompted to install this update and provided more information about this feature –it will not install automatically,” the post continued.

So for those of you now running Windows 7 RC, has it been a smooth experience?

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  • chripuck
    Been happy with the RC so far, haven't gotten any updates yet though.
  • mcnuggetofdeath
    Not a single lasting problem. Had trouble with my HDTV detecting an input when I used it as a second monitor after a reboot but that could be the TV so idk. After an update Windows lost my Catalyst 9.4 Drivers and installed its own ( 8.12 for those interested )but a quick visit to ATIs website remedied the problem and hasnt showed up again since. DX10 works great which was my primary concern. All i really do is game and browse in Windows. Ubuntu for the rest.
  • tester3000
    The RC has been a great experience so far. Win7 is freaking awesome!