Windows 8 Will Run Windows 7 Software Just Fine

While the jump from Windows XP to Vista resulted in some compatibility headaches, the move from Vista to Windows 7 was far more pain-free. What will the upgrade to Windows 8 be like? According to Microsoft, it'll be easy.

“The gateway to get to Windows 8 is Windows 7, and we will have backward compatibility with Windows 7 embedded into Windows 8. That's something that we're very committed to. But that's a really important first pillar,” Kevin Turner, Microsoft's COO said at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2011.

Despite having a slick new tile interface, the desktop underneath for Windows 8 appears to closely resemble that from Windows 7.

Tami Reller, Corporate Vice President and CFO, Windows & Windows Live said earlier that Windows 8's hardware requirements will be similar, or even lower, than the ones for Windows 7.

“For our business customers, your customers, this is an important element because the ability of Windows 8 to run on Windows 7 devices ensures that the hardware investments that these customers are making today will be able to take advantage of Windows 8 in the future. And there's beautiful hardware in the market today,” Reller said.