Microsoft Offering Windows XP Users Money Off to Upgrade

With less than a month to go, Microsoft continues to remind (nag) Windows XP users that support for the platform will end on April 8, 2014. After repeated warnings, the company is now taking the financial route by waving money under their noses.

As shown here, if customers abandon their Windows XP rig and purchase a new Windows 8.1 device, they'll receive a $100 gift card -- doubling last week's $50 gift card offer -- along with 90 days of free tech support, and a free data transfer. While that doesn't seem like much when compared to the cost of a new laptop or desktop, this move shows that Microsoft is willing to take a cut in the wallet to get everyone on the same platform.

"End of support means that software updates for Windows XP will no longer be distributed by Microsoft or its hardware partners," reads the company's FAQ. "This includes security updates that help protect PCs from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software that can steal or damage personal information. It also includes maintenance updates that improve reliability and performance and ensure that Windows XP works well with other software and hardware."

So why is Microsoft shutting down Windows XP? Look at it this way: the platform arrived in 2001, but was under development in the late 1990s. Sure, Windows XP was an awesome platform in its day, but it's time to let go… if you can, of course. There are likely still customers and businesses alike out there running legacy software that may not run correctly with Windows 8.1.

"While most Microsoft software is supported for 10 years, Windows XP has been supported for more than 12 years, longer than any other Windows version," the FAQ reads. "It's been a great run for this popular and even beloved operating system; it's now time for Microsoft, along with our hardware partners, to retire support for Windows XP so we can focus on supporting more recent technologies for delivering great customer experiences."

To see a list of devices Microsoft suggests, head here. These include all-in-ones, tablets, 2-in-1 PCs and laptops.

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  • Spac3nerd
    Anyone who hasn't upgraded to Windows XP either is computer illiterate, or they haven't done so on purpose. And I bet none of those groups would like Windows 8.
    'computer illiterate' ? Not true at all. If a computer system is still capable of running its given task well , there is no need to 'upgrade'. There are major multi-billion dollar companies that still run pre-Windows XP machines, or even PS/2s for that matter. Your average Win XP PC is more than capable of doing what average people do on PCs (light web browsing, text editors etc..), and those users see no reason to upgrade, nor do they really have to. It may come as a shock to Toms' users but not everyone needs, or wants a $1200+ machine.
  • Ephebus
    No, Microsoft is NOT offering $100 off anything. (STOP LYING, KEVIN THE SHILL!!!) They are overpricing systems then claiming to offer a discount. Give me $100 off a $220-$280 laptop from Fry's, to bring the cost down to $120-$180 and that would be a discount.

    Kevin Parrish and Tom's Hardware obviously get paid by Microsoft to publish what is basically the same piece at least once a week. I've been an avid reader of Tom's for years, but after all this disgusting fearmongering campaign I simply cannot stand seeing Kevin Parrish's name on any article anymore - it makes me wanna puke. If Tom's doesn't get rid of him, I'm done with this site.
  • knowom
    Nothing will happen on APril 8th since Microsoft is patching Windows every Tuesday so in essence you OS is never secured. It is all smoke and mirrors Microsoft is trying to pull in order to gain some market share for Windows 8.x which is the flop since day 1. There are good number of people who never liked what Microsoft did with Windows Vista/7 let alone Windows 8. It comes down to the fact that Microsoft lost Windows Market every since Windows 8 is released.
    Hit the nail on the head. Ending support of XP won't make or offering a rebate won't make users like Vista/7/8/9 any more or less. As for security no OS is 100% secure and every security breach is the result of user error in some form or another. Even the most secure OS's can be hacked. The pentagon has been the target of numerous hacks and you think your consumer windows OS is secure? They might be slightly more resistant to basic hacks, but not immune to user error.
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  • mapesdhs
    If they offered the same upgrade offer but for Win7 instead, I bet they'dreceive a much stronger response...Ian.
  • jacobdrj
    They should offer Windows at reduced cost again: $35 is an impulse buy...
  • mapesdhs
    I just bought a whole load of unused Dell OEM Win7/Pro/64bit packs off eBay instead (10 of them), they were
    only 45 UKP each. Plenty still listed, all complete with COA, etc. They come from unsold business systems.